Our Favourite Arcade Machine Upgrades & Accessories

Our Favourite Arcade Machine Upgrades & Accessories

Like modern PCs, arcade cabinets are modular machines. You can revive old machines with new arcade machine parts, or kit yours out with an entirely new input controller. Your choice of arcade game accessories affects gameplay - the responsiveness of your joystick can spell the difference between victory or gory fatality; snappy pushbuttons are great for fast-paced fighting games, but can be too sensitive for navigating tricky platformers.

Fortunately, retro gamers are spoiled for choice. The resurgence of barcades and timeless appeal of owning your own arcade has meant that arcade joysticks and buttons are still readily available.

If you’re looking for the best arcade machine accessories to level up your arcade cabinet, we’ve listed a few of our favourite parts to tinker with down below.


Joysticks are generally divided into two categories: where they’re from and by type of restrictor gate. Japanese joysticks are what you’ll find on most machines, ending in the ball-top knob that everyone recognises. Korean joysticks have a tear-drop shaped handle that runs until the base of the stick.

Gates determine movement. Square gates let you move up, down, left, and right, while octagonal gates allow for diagonal movements.

When it comes to versatility, the BA Servo Joystick is one of our top picks. Engineered with an auto switching 4-way and 8-way servo motor, it’ll handle like a dream whether you’re playing simpler games like Pac-Man or tests of precision like Tekken. You’ll also want to check out our new 2-4-8 Way Switch, which lets you play with even tighter and cleaner movements, although this tech has.been surpassed by the sero sticks

Push Buttons

Push buttons come in different sizes, switch types, mounting methods, and cap shapes–that’s the shape of the surface of a button.

Cap shapes can either be concave, convex, or flat. Concave buttons jut out, while convex types curve inwards. Many gamers prefer convex buttons because it cradles fingers inside the dip, where they glance off the rim of concaves.

Buttons are more than their mechanical aspects, of course. Nothing says gaming den more than neon lighting, and now you can make your arcade cabinet look like it came straight from Tron with illuminated or RGB colour changing buttons.

Input Controllers

The golden era of arcades birthed all types of games. Developers used the hardware of the time to create things both familiar and strange. You could be dodging barrels thrown by a giant ape one night and gobbling fruit and chasing ghosts around a maze the next.

Players mostly used joysticks and buttons to navigate this brave, new, pixelated world. But it was far from the only set-up available. Controllers got as crazy as the games. Sega’s GetBass had players casting from a fishing rod controller.

If you want to play your games the way they were meant to be played, we have an assortment of controllers you can choose to ship out with your kit.

Load up with the BA Light Gun and go clip-to-clip against Wild Dog scum in Time Crisis. Dodge like a pro through waves of enemies in Centipede and Millipede with trackball controllers. Exercise granular control over your paddle in Arkanoid with a BA Spinner. If you’re more of a speed devil than a brick breaker, then we’ve got a wireless driving wheel that’ll let you take hairpin turns like a real rally racer.


Music is a large part of the arcade experience. It’s near-impossible to listen to that distinctive electro-synth or chiptune without thinking of high scores and neon lights. Play the Ground Theme from Super Mario Bros. and you’ll soon have a room full of people itching to press buttons.

Now you can experience the iconic sound of arcade gaming in high fidelity. Our Bose Speaker Upgrade makes the best of today’s audio hardware available for your retro arcade machines.

Our arcade cabinets can be configured to play any media, from your personal playlist to your favourite 8-bit classics. All Bespoke Arcades machines are compatible with karaoke software, so can turn any gaming night into a karaoke session if you feel like giving your fingers a break.


Most gamers will remember spending hours on their feet, either hopping from one arcade machine to the next or waiting for their turn. But having your own arcade machine means that’s one thing you can leave in the past.

We offer multiple seating options that’ll make every gaming session comfortable. The BA Pod Stools will give you the soft support you’ll need in your pursuit of that elusive high score. Our BA Hourglass Stools add a contemporary and sleek flair to gaming dens. We sell them in sets of two, so you’re always ready for co-op play.

Cabinet Finish

Arcade machines are characterised by explosive and vibrant marquee graphics and side art. And if you pick our Apex or Evo arcade machines, you can go as detailed as you want. But we know there are also gamers that would prefer a minimalist look.

We offer our cabinets in an array of finishes. Add a pop of colour to your cave while keeping things monochromatic by upgrading your black cabinet to a satin finish colour of your choice. Or you can commit to the 70s tavern theme with a wood veneer finish–much like the original Pong machine!

At Bespoke Arcades, our mission is to bring your dream arcade cabinet to life. Whether that’s creating custom artwork or making an all-in-one entertainment hub, our team stands ready to deliver. If you want arcade machine upgrades or have questions about retro arcade accessories in mind, just reach out to us by call or email.

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