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Our Classic Stand-Up Arcade Machine

The Bespoke Arcades Apex Machine stand-up is a truly exceptional game-only arcade machine, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite retro games in the finest of style. With this high-end arcade cabinet you even have the option to connect up your next-generation console to your own system. With its sleek, cool looks and elegant slim-line design, the Apex looks perfect in any surroundings – whether at your home, in your office or as a great addition to your games room.

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Designed way back in 2010, the Apex has been continually fine-tuned to deliver an unparalleled arcade experience for its size, with a full two-player panel for maximum playability and comfort. Like all Bespoke Arcades machines, the Apex will never go out of fashion.

The 4:3 ratio screen has been painstakingly selected to deliver the most authentic retro experience using new, modern tech. No screen burns - you can leave 1942 running for years without leaving a “1942” silhouette forever burnt into the screen like all the CRT arcade monitors of old. 800 of the most memorable arcade games are included on top of Retro Cloud, featuring access to entire libraries of arcade and console games from the seminal era of gaming.

Whilst the Apex really looks the part, it’s also very easy to use – plug and play, loading directly into the game selection menu with a one pushbutton on/off switch.

The Apex also benefits from a great speaker system, delivering crisp sound along with great bass, and is entirely volume adjustable via the wired remote on the cabinet.

All Apex arcade machines are custom made to order by hand in the UK and are fully customisable so you can go all out to design the cabinet of your dreams. All of our games machines come with a full 12-month warranty. For all the answers, check out our FAQs section.

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