The Multi Arcade Machine Emulator (MAME) was an emulator, created with the sole purpose of faithfully recreating arcade boards on today’s modern computers. MAME was first released in 1997 and is now compatible with over 7000 arcade titles.

MAME is the bedrock of home multigame arcade systems, and as it utilises actual copies of the arcade board’s data, the emulator is 100% accurate. All titles right up to 2001 can be run flawlessly on the emulator, and it is still constantly updated, tweaked and refined.

MAME also has the inner functionality of containing metadata which categorises each game by manufacturer, year, and genre, with a brief synopsis of what the game is about. Your arcade machine could be an encyclopaedia of every video game known to man.

For more modern arcade emulation, we have to look towards software which emulates specific manufacturers’ hardware, which all Media and Elite systems are right at home with. If it’s newer games you crave, read on and prepare to get excited!