A Big thanks to the NEC security staff

In a nutshell, I bought 4 boxed consoles from our pal Rich @Retroactive whilst exhibiting at the NEC for Insomnia64. I was well chuffed- got a great deal on a boxed Saturn, SNES, Megadrive and NES and put it behind our arcades on the stand.

Then I noticed someone had half-inched my SNES, pretty bummed out I spoke to “Sarge” at security. He had the determination of a T-800 and Alex Murphy’s sense of justice with an obvious military background.

I showed him a photo of what was taken and he then sprung into action, talking on his radio and to be honest I had little hope of seeing the SNES again. After all the details were taken, I popped off the stand to drown my sorrows in a Flat White. But when i returned- there he was with the SNES under his arm and the perps were taken care of.

Made my day and I bought him a well deserved Mocha to say thanks. Rich said i’ll never be seeing that again, happily he was wrong thanks to the stalwart team at the NEC.


And here is the SNES along with all the other consoles taking pride of place in our workshop. A boxed console isn’t just for Christmas, it’s for life 🙂

P.S. Word of warning- if you are going to nick something, probably shouldn’t be a big yellow box which there is only one of in the whole show which is surrounded by security cameras…

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