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Cocktail arcade machines are a very popular choice for arcade machine enthusiasts.

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Cocktail Arcades Machine FAQs

Can I Actually Place Things On Top Of Your Cocktail Arcade Machines?

Yep. Each of our GT, Synergy and Synergy X cocktail arcade machines feature durable glass-top finishes. For those looking to add a splash of old-school sentiment to a workplace or home, our cocktail machines are a certain choice.

What Games Can I Play On Your Cocktail Arcade Machines?

This depends on the model you choose. Our GT machines offer up to 6000 ready-to-play arcade favourites, while our Synergy and Synergy X models offer more than 35,000! You’d be better off asking which games you can’t play.

All games are seamlessly downloaded from DMCA-approved sources via our Retro Cloud™ streaming app.

What Emulation Software Do Bespoke Arcades Machines Run On?

All Bespoke Arcades and GT Arcade machines are powered by Windows 10 PCs. There is simply no better way to emulate such a vast selection of arcade and console games.

We’re proud to manufacture the best arcade machines on the planet and are dedicated to the continual enhancement of our products. Every machine we offer is equipped with a PC specifically chosen to optimise its unique functions and needs.

Do You Offer Customisation Options For Cocktail Arcade Machines?

We sure do. As with all of our products, our cocktail arcade machines can be built to suit your taste, including custom finishes, graphics packages, edging, buttons and joysticks. We even offer Bose speaker upgrades for gamers looking for total immersion.

Due to their reduced size, our smaller Synergy cabinets can only be fitted with an external, plug-in trackball but our larger Synergy X has space for an installed trackball no problem.

Where Are Your Cocktail Arcade Machines Built?

All of our machines are handmade in our UK workshop. We’re proud to build our cabinets with the highest quality materials and ensure that no machine leaves our premises until it is the best it possibly can be. This ensures Bespoke Arcades machines are always a cut above the competition in terms of build, quality and performance.