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All of our Bespoke Arcades are beautifully hand crafted at our UK workshop and can be fully customised furthermore with a range of options / upgrades to create in essence the multi game arcade cabinet of your dreams. Our flagship products allow you to play 1000s of retro arcade as well as console games at the touch of a button. Above all, our team are experts who can advise you on the perfect arcade machine for your needs, whether you would prefer a modern multi game arcade cabinet to play all the latest games or one of our classic multi game arcade cabinets for all the old school arcade games. Please contact us here for any advice / assistance.

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Meet the Bespoke Arcades Range

Our Flagship Bespoke Arcades Range: The Finest and Most Luxurious Multi-Game Arcade Machines Known to Man.

First choose your favourite model, then the system that best suits your gaming needs and finally any upgrades that you may wish to include.

  • Apex Arcade Cabinets

    Apex Arcade Cabinets

    The best-regarded, award winning classic compact 20” square-screen 2 player upright arcade machine. Fits anywhere.

    • Fits Anywhere
    • T3 Group Test Winner
    • 4:3 Authentic Screen Size
    • Great in any Living Space/Office
    • Full 2-Player Panel
    • Light Gun Compatible

    From £1995.00

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  • Evo Arcade Cabinets

    Evo Arcade Cabinets

    Where past meets modern in the largest, most comfortable 28” widescreen 2 player upright arcade cab.

    • Huge 28 " Widescreen
    • Great for Classic and Modern Gaming
    • Add Spinner & Trackball
    • Awesome For Light-Gun Games
    • As used by Capcom
    • 4 Player Panel version available

    From £2,595.00

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  • Synergy Arcade Cabinets

    Synergy Arcade Cabinets

    The ultimate 20” square screen classic compact tabletop.

    • The Original Tabletop 20"
    • 4:3 Ratio Screen
    • Both Vertical & Horizontal panels
    • Perfect for the living room
    • Sleek, Elegant Design

    From £1,995.00

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  • Synergy X Arcade Cabinets

    Synergy X Arcade Cabinets

    The ultimate 28” widescreen modern larger tabletop.

    • 28' Widescreen Display
    • Easily Fit Trackballs & Spinners
    • The Best Tabletop Money Can Buy
    • Perfect for Modern & Classic Gaming

    From £2,595.00

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  • Nu-Gen Arcade Cabinets

    Nu-Gen Sit-Down Arcade Cabinets

    Our modern Japanese-style 32” widescreen 2PL/4PL arcade machine with its smart curves and elegant design.

    • Sit-down models
    • Massive 32" 4k Screen
    • Perfect for 4 Player Gaming
    • Huge 95cm Control Panel
    • As Used For MK 10 & 11 Tournaments
    • Often copied- never bettered

    From £3,795.00

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  • Nu Gen Four pl Control Panel 5psd 100x100 by Bespoke Arcades

    Nu-Gen Stand-Up Arcade Machines

    Our modern Japanese-style 32” widescreen 2PL/4PL stand-up arcade machine with its smart curves and elegant design.

    • Stand-up models
    • Massive 32" 4k Screen
    • Perfect for 4 Player Gaming
    • Huge 95cm Control Panel
    • As Used For MK 10 & 11 Tournaments
    • Often copied- never bettered

    From £3795.00

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  • Evo 4 Player Arcade Machine

    Evo 4 Player Arcade Machine

    Our modern Japanese-style 32” widescreen 2PL/4PL sit-at arcade machine with its smart curves and elegant design.

    • Over 24,000 classic games
    • 2 USB ports and wireless internet
    • Fully Plug-and-Play
    • Huge 28-inch HD Wide Arcade Screen
    • Black/White leather coated front panel
    • Evo marquee graphic

    From £3,495.00

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  • Apex Racing Cabinet

    Apex Racing Cabinet

    The only Genuine arcade racer on the market with Real Arcade Controls!

    • Real Happ Suzo Arcade Controls
    • Meant for Arcade Racing
    • Play All Your Favourites
    • No Compromise In Quality
    • Add A Light Gun For Extra Fun!
    • Available in Play, Media & Elite

    From £2,995.00

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  • Neo 55 Grandmaster

    The largest multigame arcade machine available in the world. It truly is the Grandmaster of arcade machines.

    • 55 Inch 4K Arcade Cabinet
    • Comfortable seating included
    • 10 Port HDMI to make the Neo 55 your Media Hub
    • Solid crosshatched Metal flooring and kickplates
    • Eye=catching metallic highlights in any colour!
    • Available in Media & Elite formats

    From £9,995.00

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Cutting-Edge Emulation

We use the latest emulators to ensure the ultimate experience on your arcade machines. Just check out some of the light gun games you can play.

You're not just limited to MAME- even PS2 gun games can be enjoyed on a Media or Elite series machine.

Treat yourself to the best.

Build the Ultimate Arcade

With the combination of dynamic marquee, active bezels and addressable LED buttons your arcade is a joy to behold.

Everything is set up so you can simply turn it on and enjoy the show!

All of our custom arcade cabinets are available in 3 different editions: Play, Media or Elite.

Our multi-game arcade machines have access to over 10,000 classic arcade games with the option to add more!

Whilst they look, feel and play the same, some can do far more than others...

  • Play Edition Arcade Machines

    Play Edition

    Our most budget-conscious edition, the Play series arcade machines are for those who just want to play the classic retro games.

    • Entry Level Edition
    • Simply Play the classics
    • 2 USB ports included
    • Add Games/Emulators
    • Run over 10000 Games
  • Media Edition Arcade Machines

    Media Edition

    Our Media series are a significant step-up in terms of power and functionality. Media’s are designed as arcade gaming centres with infinite expansion possibilities.

    • Multimedia Edition
    • Many Extra Features
    • i3 PC with 4 USB Ports
    • Add Hyperspin/Games
    • Play over 25000 Games
  • Elite Edition Arcade Machines

    Elite Edition

    Our Elite editions are quite simply – the best! Featuring top of the range CPU and Graphics with vast amounts of memory and storage, the offer the best gaming experience to be found.

    • Top-of-the-Range
    • Loads of Great Extras
    • i& PC with 4 USB Ports
    • Add Hyperspin/Games
    • Run over 50000 Games
  • upgrade nudge tilt 2x by Bespoke Arcades

    Bespoke Arcade Upgrades

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  • racer with flag by Bespoke Arcades

    Retro Cloud: Bespoke Arcades

    All our Bespoke Arcades multi game arcade machines come coupled with our Retro Cloud software pre-installed.

    Discover Retro Cloud
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    Why Choose Bespoke Arcades

    Bespoke Arcades produce the world's most luxurious arcade machines.

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  • GT Arcade Machines
  • GT Arcade Cabinets

    GT Arcade Cabinets

    The most versatile and budget-friendly cabinets on the market today.

    • Available in stand-up, cocktail & coffee table styles
    • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen + Arcade Game System
    • Handmade in the UK to Highest Standard
    • So Simple to Use – Just Plug and Play

    From £995.00

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  • GT XL Arcade Machines

    GT XL Arcade Machines

    XL Stand-Up cabinet can play all of your favourite horizontal arcade games (Defender®, Street Fighter 2® etc) in full screen.

    • Full 2-Player Retro Arcade Gaming
    • Arcade Joystick + 8 Buttons per Player
    • Black Finish with Stylish Chrome Trim
    • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen + Arcade Game System

    From £1,795.00

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  • GT Cocktail Table Arcade Machine

    GT Cocktail Table Arcade Machines

    Features a smart black or sharp white finish with gleaming chrome edging.

    • End to End and Side by Side Controls
    • Authentic Arcade Joysticks + Buttons
    • Black or White Finish with Stylish Chrome Trim
    • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen and Arcade PC System
    • Play Vertical Games in Full Screen with Flip
    • Play Horizontal Games in Classic Size

    From £995.00

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  • black coffee table arcade machine

    GT Coffee Table Arcade Machines

    A powerful cocktail arcade cabinet that plays the greatest 80s and 90s arcade games.

    • Full 2-Player Retro Arcade Gaming
    • Joystick + 6 Buttons per Player
    • Black or White Finish
    • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen and Arcade PC System
    • Play Vertical Games in Full Screen with Flip
    • Play Horizontal Games in Classic Size

    From £995.00

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  • GJA OMEN 2017 logo black 2 3 768x664 by Bespoke Arcades

    GT Upgrades

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    Retro Cloud: GT Games

    Our GT Series Arcade Machines come with our Retro Cloud software pre-installed.

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    Why Choose GT page

    Our GT range is our more budget conscious range which is due mainly to simpler, whilst still classic designs and a pre-coated as opposed to hand finish.

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UK Delivery + Warranty Included. For worldwide shipping + more info see our FAQ’s

Custom Arcade Machine FAQs

We understand that finding the right arcade machine for you is a significant choice. To help things along, here are some answers to the most common conundrums and please remember, we’re always on hand to help you decide.

How much does an arcade machine cost?

Our arcade machines range from £995 all the way up to £5000 or more. They are all lovingly handmade by us in the UK and we have a range of upgrades such as lightguns, spinners, trackballs and the entire range of quality joysticks and buttons available for you to choose from. We can also tailor make your dream machine which is perfect for you, with help on hand to guide you through the myriad of options available.

What is the best arcade machine to buy?

This is totally up to you. There are many factors to consider such as the type of games you want to play, what functions are a must for you, and factors such as space, eg. Where is the arcade machine going to go, and how much surface area do you have to accommodate it? Just give us a call and we can give you our unbiased opinion.

What do your arcade machines run on?

All Bespoke Arcades and GT arcade machines utilise Windows 10 based PC’s. There is simply no better hardware to emulate arcade and console games spanning many generations. All Bespoke Arcades cabinets come with a front-loading hard drive caddy to allow you to add any ready-made game setup you choose. Depending on what model or edition you choose, we use different specs of PCs in order to deliver exactly what our clients require.

Can I have a coin slot?

A coin slot is great for authenticity and we can certainly install one. However, if you want to make money from an arcade machine in a pub or a club, you need the original arcade board (which we own over 300 of at the time of writing). Many unscrupulous companies will say otherwise, which is why we’re the only manufacturer to provide classic arcades to pub chains and bars in the UK.

What lightguns do you use?

We use Aimtrak light guns to provide proper arcade gaming. It uses a similar IR interface to the Nintendo Wii and is definitely one of our most popular upgrades.

What are the best buttons and joysticks?

We offer a variety of arcade buttons and joysticks and will happily go through the various choices in order to provide you with exactly what you require.

How is my arcade machine delivered? What if it needs to go inside or upstairs?

Unless specifically required, delivery is kerbside via pallet delivery, unless the delivery address is within the M25. Should you require a two-man delivery or need an arcade machine going up the stairs, we can certainly accommodate. Just let us know and we’ll work it out.

My arcade machine has arrived damaged or there is a problem.

It’s quite rare that this happens but if that is the case, we will sort out any problem that arises in a friendly and efficient manner. We’ll do this either on site or simply swap your machine for a new one.

I need a replacement part for my arcade machine.

Just let us know what you need - if it’s small like a microswitch or button, we’ll send it over to you. If it’s a more significant part, we can certainly help. Don’t forget all Bespoke Arcades and GT Arcade cabinets can be accessed remotely if software needs tweaking.

Once my machine is delivered, do I need to set anything up?

All you need to do is choose your WiFi network and enter your password - simple as that. All our arcade machines are plug and play, so you’ll be gaming almost immediately.

Can you service or repair my cabinet?

I’m afraid we only service our own machines.

only the best arcade machine upgrade options for you to choose

Our bespoke arcade machines feature a wide range of upgrade options from light guns and steering wheels to a variety of authentic joypads from your favourite consoles.

For more info on what joystick you might want with your arcade cabinet read our arcade machine joystick guide.

Used By The Key Players

Consequently many current video game publishers use our superb cabinets to showcase their latest games. For instance Capcom demonstrates games like Capcom Arcade Cabinet and Capcom Home Arcade with our arcades. Warner Bros singularly used our machines to promote Injustice 1,2 and Mortal Kombat 9, 10 and 11.