Arcade Cabinet Customisation Options


Having tested the complete range of arcade joysticks, we decided upon the world-renowned Happ Controls Competition joystick for our standard set-up. This feels by far and away the most authentic – even better than you remember! We can also supply and install a range of other Happ Joysticks in a variety of colours, including those with 360° rotation.

For those that prefer a ball-top, Japanese-style arcade joystick, we can modify any of our control panels to accommodate both Sanwa and Seimitsu joysticks. The most renowned is the classic Sanwa joystick, featured in a variety of fighting machines, which comes with a wide choice of ball-top colours. We also stock a range of special edition joysticks that add something really unique to your arcade cabinet.

Our current range includes our specialist aluminium chrome joysticks in black or chrome that are a must for all true gamers out there.

arcade Joysticks

Suzo-Happ Competition

Perhaps the most familiar joystick from our youth, this versatile joystick was used in most of the UK’s arcade machines and is a very trusty all-rounder, able to cope well with most genres of game. If you’re looking for a joystick solution which plays great for 80’s and 90’s classics, copes well with fighting games, and is good on four-way classic games, this is the go-to.

Tempest gif 1 by Bespoke Arcades


This trusty solution is the fighting game professional’s joystick of choice. Extremely sensitive and is designed for quick movements. If you’re a fan of the one-on-one fighters or fast-paced shoot-em-ups then this is the joystick of choice for you. In a nutshell- great for fighters, late shooters but not the ideal solution if early 80’s games are your forte. However we do offer great alternatives which cater for both styles of game.

saxamp by Bespoke Arcades

2-4-8 Way Switch

This is a new option we use for any joystick of your choice, at the press of a button - it can restrict the inputs so no unwanted movements register. For example: if four way mode is active then no diagonals will register prompting you to go the wrong way. A great solution.

4-8 way switchable Arcade Joystick

4-8 Way Joystick

This mechanically switchable joystick allows the player to easily switch the joystick between four and eight way modes. Simply pull the handle up and twist to allow the restrictor underneath to toggle between the two modes. This is a great choice if you want to physically have a four or eight way joystick which feels like the real thing. In four way, you can only move up, down, left and right, in eight way, you can move into the diagonals. Fantastic for your 80’s and 90’s classics and perfectly good for shooters, however, if versus fighting games are your favourites, then they are a tad too stiff to excel in this regard.

GT XLStand Up Black by Bespoke Arcades

Auto Switch

Now we’re reaching the next generation of arcade joysticks. At the push of a button, this modern marvel activates the joysticks’ servos to physically rotate the mechanism underneath into either four or eight way modes. It feels far lighter than the manually switching joysticks and is right at home with all genres of arcade game. It feels as good as a Sanwa for fighters, and as good as an original four way joystick from the early 80’s. This is definitely the most versatile stick we provide for traditional arcade gaming.

red ball joystick for arcade machine


This is perhaps the most sophisticated joystick in our fleet. This is a joystick which is infinitely sensitive, allowing the user to play more modern games. While it feels similar to our alternative joystick options, it can also act as an analogue stick, similar to the thumbsticks on a more modern joypad with slighter or fuller turns at your disposal. This would be the option of choice if you wanted to experience more games with an analogue control system, or if you wanted to play modern PC games via your arcade control panel.


As an existing Bespoke Arcades owner you can be safe in the knowledge that we offer an upgrade service ensuring any machine can be upgraded to the latest hardware. As time moves on, technology advances and so does the multimedia and game playing abilities of our arcade machines.

We can install the latest joysticks, install rgb arcade buttons with more lighting capabilities than your average disco. We can even purchase the latest games or gamepacks to make sure you receive your refurbished machine and start playing the latest games available.

We can also service your arcade machine, give it a thorough clean inside and out and and ensure all is well with your beloved gaming companion.

To make your upgrade even more effortless, we can arrange to have your cabinet collected and safely delivered to our london workshop via our white-glove service.


As an exclusive company offering bespoke services to our clients, we often produce one-off or even a range of special editions arcade machines for particular clients. We love to assist with all custom projects and are only too happy to look at any special requirements that you may have in terms of redesign of any of the existing arcade cabinets.

sanwa button by Bespoke Arcades

Special Editions

As an exclusive company offering bespoke services to our clients, we often produce one-off or even a range of special editions arcade machines for particular clients. We love to assist with all custom projects and are only too happy to look at any special requirements that you may have in terms of redesign of any of the arcade cabinets.

sf2 pic 1 by Bespoke Arcades

Custom Projects

As an exclusive company offering bespoke services to our clients, we often produce one-off or even a range of special editions arcade machines for particular clients. We love to assist with all custom projects and are only too happy to look at any special requirements that you may have in terms of redesign of any of the arcade cabinets.

sf2 by Bespoke Arcades

Special Requirements

Should you have any special requirements or want a specific design that you do not see on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


Play Back Anything

Of course the aim of a Bespoke Arcades machine is primarily to play games, however, by utilising the power of Windows architecture and a modern-spec PC, the multimedia possibilities are endless.


A Bespoke Arcades machine caters for all audiophiles. Jukebox functionality can be integrated with the arcade controls allowing you to effortlessly choose your desired track or album and enjoy your musical interlude.


If you feel like breaking into song, a Bespoke Arcades machine is compatible with a multitude of karaoke software. You can even use your current music collection to interface with the software and sing your heart out to your favourite hits.

Media Player

A Bespoke Arcades machine can run any digital format, and can even stream any media onto your HDTV (optional, standard on all Elite machines). Thanks to the in-built Wi-Fi functionality, not only can you use streaming services to deliver your favourite content, but you can also watch Sky (if you’re a subscriber) and Freeview, making your arcade machine the perfect multimedia companion. To go one step further, all Media editions come with a DVD writer, and our Elite editions’ optical needs are catered for via a top-notch Blu-Ray drive. The two editions’ four front mounted USB ports makes your Bespoke Arcades machine the most versatile multimedia device you will ever own.

iPhone/iPad compatibility

iPhone/iPad compatibility Bespoke Arcades heralds a world first for arcade machines – full Apple iPhone and iPod compatibility! This not only allows you to manage your portable music library effortlessly via iTunes, but you also benefit from the following features: Using your Apple device to control your iTunes remotely – you can also use it as a portable mouse and keyboard.


In terms of the build of your new arcade cabinet, we can offer a great variety of options for the finish, edging and glass, as well as the option to add additional features such as castors. For a full list of arcade cabinet build upgrades, options, and prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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Cabinet Finish

All of our arcade cabinets can be finished in a range of different colours, materials and finishes, including wood veneering, graffiti, and even gold/silver metallic finish. We also have a range of specialist metallic finishes that look truly amazing. In terms of colour, all you need to do is provide us with the desired colour code and we can have the arcade machine exactly matched to that, in any finish that you want.

play icons 2 by Bespoke Arcades

Cabinet Edging

All of our cabinets are superbly finished using high quality arcade edging that is especially imported from the US. This arcade edging comes in a wide variety of colours and we can always assist you to match this to your chosen finish. We can also provide veneer edging for wood finishes if this is what is preferred.

play icons by Bespoke Arcades

Cabinet Glass

The glass that we use for all of our arcade cabinets is precision cut and toughened by an HRH appointed glass merchant – as with all our parts, we only accept the best for all our arcade machines. In terms of glass, a smoked pane can be made to add a certain sleekness to your cabinet,always a popular option. We can also supply various other tinted variations, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Additional Options

For the Synergy, adding castors is always a good option if you are intending to move your cabinet about at all. Adding either an HDMI or DVI port to your cabinet is another wonderful option, ideal for attaching to your LCD TV to play games or watch movies.


When it comes to adding artwork to your arcade machine, we can usually accommodate without a problem. Whether you are after company branding, a unique personal touch, or a graphic from a favourite game, it’s no problem. We offer a full personalisation service for all aspects of arcade graphics, as well as access to an extensive library of old arcade cabinet artwork. For a full list of artwork upgrades and prices, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Jaguar skills arcade

Marquees & Side Art

For both the Apex and the Evo arcade machines, the marquee graphics and side art can be completely personalised to your exact specifications. You can choose to have a specific design or old arcade cabinet artwork applied to the top and sides of your arcade machine. Should you have a particular game or design in mind, just let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Arcade art

Tabletop Art

For the Synergy, a variety of under-glass graphics can be applied to give your tabletop arcade cabinet a more authentic feel. Again, should you have a particular game or design in mind, please contact us directly.

Arcade art buttons

Control Panel Art

For all of our arcade cabinets, we can apply your chosen graphics to the control panels of your choice. Should you want a specific design or material, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Trolley dash arcade

Corporate Art/Branding

We also offer a range of company branding options incorporating various graphic applications, and can also include customised Windows and menu screens for all your desired needs. Past clients who have used this service include NASA – the Rutherford space laboratory – and Warner Bros.

Retro Ports

To further enhance your retro gaming experience, we also offer the ability to utilise your favourite controller of yesteryear. Run up into the attic and dig out your old controllers or let us know and we’ll source you a fully serviced selection of pads.

ferrari evo by Bespoke Arcades


Almost where it all began, the patented cross shaped pad offered a new universal way to play games. Feel free to plug in this familiar four buttoned brick and experience gaming how it used to be.

galaxian by 1 Bespoke Arcades


An updated joypad which set new standards as gaming evolved, which all future controllers derived elements from. More buttons, more ergonomic - there’s only one Super Nintendo controller.

GT3 SidedCoffeeTable White by Bespoke Arcades


This is one of the more individual controllers which are commonly requested. The joypad was designed around Super Mario 64 (which contributes to why it is rated as the finest video game ever made). The controller was also designed to be held in different ways, which controversially prevents the player from accessing all the buttons from one position. A must-have if four player Goldeneye is your thing!

hqdefault 3 by Bespoke Arcades


The GameCube controller isn’t as ‘out there’ as its predecessor, but it builds upon it nonetheless. Featuring a more traditional layout, the 6th generation of Nintendo’s line of consoles provides an individual yet solid joypad to play some quality titles. GameCube controllers have always been popular thanks to its compatibility with Nintendo’s Wii console, and now the Wii U, so you can get some multiplayer Mario Kart action going. It’s on like Donkey Kong!

jaguar skills by Bespoke Arcades


The Megadrive control pad essentially comes in two variants - one with three action buttons and one with six buttons to cater for the then-new Street Fighter 2. This controller is also recognised as being the first joypad to be ergonomically made to fit round the player’s hands, doing away with the flat edges of the previous controllers’ aesthetics, thus resulting in a more comfortable gaming experience.

ken by Bespoke Arcades

Atari 2600

The original 2600 controller featured a four-way joystick and single fire button. This is definitely a joystick of choice for those who were there at the dawn of video gaming.

PS1 controller

Sony Playstation

Based on Nintendo’s SNES controller, Sony’s first ever pad adds two other shoulder buttons in order to navigate 3D environments more easily. Always a great all-rounder pad to play all your video gaming classics again.

15 by Bespoke Arcades


We always get asked whether we can provide a computer joystick from times gone by - and of course we can! If a Quikshot joystick was your weapon of choice, or even a Konix Speed King (why, oh why…), we can get them running.

Next-Gen Consoles

All Bespoke Arcades personnel are avid gamers at heart and we strive to make all Bespoke Arcades machines as versatile as possible. We can make all our machines compatible with any console currently on the market, including the Playstation 5 and Xbox One X in all their glory. Trusty gaming classics are being reinvented on today’s technology, and your arcade machine doesn’t have to be left behind. Embrace the new tech as well as the old with Bespoke Arcades.

Pod Stool by Bespoke Arcades

PS5 & Xbox One X

One of our most popular upgrades for our Evo and Nu Gen units. The modern console fighting games play fantastically on our arcade machines via the 1080p displays. All the digital inputs work seamlessly via the control panel. This option opens new dimensions into your arcade machine and allows you to experience today’s modern arcade games how they’re meant to be played.

Centipede gif by Bespoke Arcades

Wii & Wii U

If requested, we can make your arcade machine Wii compatible, plug in your machine to the HDMI and play away. We can also make the arcade cabinet compatible with Wii-motes should it ever be requested.


White pinball ball by Bespoke Arcades


Now you can choose to have a full trackball installed into your arcade machine control panel as on the higher-spec Evo series, or have a custom made USB trackball in your choice of finish that you can plug in via the USB ports on your Media series cabinet or above – please contact us for more details.

arcade joystick by Bespoke Arcades


If you so desire, have a great authentic arcade spinner installed in a convenient place on your preferred cabinet control panel – please contact us for more details.

6 by Bespoke Arcades

Light Gun

A USB light gun would make an excellent addition to our Media and Elite series arcade cabinets. Simply plug in via the USB ports, set the range panels around the screen, and get ready to bust some caps on a variety of arcade shooting games!

7 by Bespoke Arcades

USB 3.0 Peripherals

Feel free to plug any USB 3.0 (or lower) compatible devices into your arcade machine. On Media and Elite machines, you have four ports at your disposal to do whatever you wish.

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A Bespoke Arcades cabinet is always at the heart of a party, whether there’s a congregation of revellers being entertained by a classic video game or there’s a pair of microphones connected to a Media or Elite edition’s versatile front USB ports. Your arcade machine is compatible with a multitude of karaoke software and can easily be integrated into your chosen arcade machine menu system, so you can sing to your heart’s content.

Dynamic Marquee

Custom Evo Cabinet Rampage 04 min 300x300 by Bespoke Arcades

An Interactive Title Screen

Available on all Bespoke Arcades Stand Up and sit down machines- this 21st century upgrade is the ultimate wow factor for your arcade machine. No matter what console or arcade game you're playing- the corresponding artwork will be displayed on this title screen. All Bespoke Arcade machines come preloaded with every title screen ready to go. This can also be retro fitted on existing clients' machines should they want this awesome update!

Customisations Explained