Collection: Synergy X Arcade Cabinets

The Bespoke Arcades Synergy sit-down is a truly exceptional game-only arcade machine, allowing you to enjoy all your favourite retro games in the finest of style. With this high-end arcade cabinet you even have the option to connect up your next-generation console to your system.

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Our original, iconic Synergy was our first cabinet, designed way back in 2005. Since then, the cabinet has evolved, with units being sold in Harrods, Selfridges, Hamleys and many other prestigious outlets worldwide.

The original Synergy was designed to occupy any living or office space perfectly without being obtrusive. But the time has come to design a version which demands attention - the Synergy 28”.

With the same great style, heritage and livery, the large 28” widescreen allows for more of, well, everything! These cabinets give you more space to house a trackball and spinner, on every panel if need be, and the large display allows for more modern games to fire up and enjoy. Simply install Steam and play the latest titles effortlessly. The Synergy 28” also comes in four player configurations, so family time just got competitive.

Retro Cloud is now proudly on Version 3, and has been optimised for the Synergy 28. The Play, Media and Elite versions of the 28” run Retro Cloud perfectly, taking full advantage of the awesome display and both sets of controls.

Some clients double their ’28 up as a media centre, installing iTunes and the like to govern their libraries. The added versatility of an HDMI output makes it even more attractive as your home or area’s media hub. Should you need any help, we’re always on hand to remotely tweak or advise.

Everyone is different, and we always want to make sure your arcade machine fits you perfectly. If you’re unsure of what you’re looking for, no problem - we’ll clear up the confusion for you and give you our honest guidance. Feel free to check out some of our in-depth articles for more info - it’s not rocket science (or Lunar Lander).