Why Choose GT Arcade Machines?

Our GT range is our more budget conscious range which is due mainly to simpler, whilst still classic designs and a pre-coated as opposed to hand finish.

All our GT machines are extremely well made at our UK workshop by our fair hands from good quality parts and are great, highly playable arcade cabs. In comparison to other machines out there at a similar price point, our GT machines are a cut above in terms of quality.

Our GTs are good quality, solid, reliable cabinets that will last you a lifetime. We only use genuine baton-based cabinetry, made to order with no flat packs or cheap plastic joining blocks in sight!

Our GT range is usually the one for those who are happy with a set number of classic arcade games.

GT machines are great quality way above the lower end of arcade machines due to:

  • 18yr+ with best reputation in industry and unrivalled worldwide client satisfaction record
  • Beautifully handmade cabinetry with traditional baton-based build construction (no flat packs or wobbly Ikea-style cabinets here)
  • Excellent warranty and free lifetime phone/remote support
  • All GT machines made to order to your exact spec
  • All GT stand-ups have 4mm toughened glass not Perspex
  • All GT tabletops use 6mm toughened glass not 4mm Perspex
  • Classic square 4:3 screens so games not stretched like on widescreens
  • Your choice of button colours for your cabinet
  • Chrome edging as standard or your choice of others
  • Wi-Fi connected and mini keyboard/mouse for settings changes