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GT-2500 Stand-Up Arcade Machine

GT-2500 Stand-Up Arcade Machine

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If you need any help choosing your arcade cabinet please feel free to email us at or call us on +44 (0) 207 935 9005 as we will be more than happy to help.

Our GT2500 Stand-Up Arcade Machine is an amazing multi-game arcade cabinet that plays over 2500 of the best retro arcade games. All your favourites are here - Pac-Man®, Space Invaders®, Street Fighter 2 CE®, Mortal Kombat®, Asteroids®, Donkey Kong®, Defender®, Galaxian®, Metal Slug®, TMNT®, NBA JAM® to name just a few.

The GT2500 Stand-Up is made by hand in the UK and comes in a sleek black finish with stylish chrome edging for a look to suit all settings.

The GT2500 Stand-Up is amazingly well crafted, can play over 2500 legendary retro arcade games and is by far the best of any arcade machine available at this terrific price point.

All the arcade games you could ever want

The GT2500 Stand-Up gives you access to over 2500 of the best arcade games via the superbly responsive games selection menu.

From Space Invaders® to Street Fighter 2® all of your favourites can be played on this amazing arcade machine.

The best of both arcade gaming worlds

The GT2500 Stand-Up plays all the classic horizontal arcade games (Defender®, Street Fighter 2®, etc) in full screen mode so you can really enjoy the more modern arcade titles on your system..

The GT2500 Stand-Up also lets you play all the classic vertical arcade games (Pac-Man®, Space Invaders®, etc) in the screen format that you‘ll remember.

So easy - turn on, select a fav and you're in the game

Our GT2500 stand-up is a simple to use, plug-and-play arcade machine. Power on, choose your game and press the PL1/PL2 button to start playing.

Battle your friends/family at your favourite classic arcade games with full 2-player action.

The challenge never ends with automatic saving of all of your latest high scores.

Build-quality, reliability and unrivalled support

The GT2500 has a classic upright design and all our cabinets are handmade to order to the highest standards at our workshop in the UK.

The GT2500 stand-up arcade machine is made to industry grade to tolerate the button-bashing of even the most enthusiastic retro arcade gamers!

With a full 12-month warranty and unlimited phone/email support if you need help or something goes wrong, you can rest assured your GT2500 will give you joy for many years to come.

Years down memory lane with these superb arcade machines

The GT2500 Stand-Up arcade machine lets you relive all those retro memories, providing endless hours of fun on one perfect arcade machine for your home, business or venue.

If looking to load your cabinet with even more games, the GT2500 stand-up is also fully MAME and emulator compatible. It comes preconfigured with 2 easy access USB ports to fully customise your arcade gaming set-up and add your own games or emulators when you wish.

Also included in the package is a mini keyboard/mouse to add more games and make settings changes as well as a Wi-Fi card for support functions and to access many more games.

Options and Upgrades

Standard or Illuminated Buttons?

For standard button colours you can choose from red, blue, black, white or a combo to allow you to customise your GT2500 as you wish.

If looking for a more unique look, you can upgrade to illuminated buttons in white, blue or red.

Custom Marquee Top Graphic?

You can choose from our standard GT marquee graphic or customise with your name/logo as you prefer for no additional cost.

Custom Graphics for your Arcade?

With the GT2500 you can completely customise your cabinet by upgrading to custom artwork as you would like best. You can also have graphics on your control panel if this is what you would like. From simple logos to full graphics, anything is possible so please let us know your ideas and we can help you to recreate the arcade cabinet of your dreams.

GT Stand-Up Basic Graphics = Marquee, around screen and below panel.

GT Stand-Up Full Graphics = Marquee, around screen, full front and 2 full sides.

  • Play over 2500 Classic Arcade Games
  • 2 x USB ports to add 1000s more
  • Full 2-Player Retro Arcade Gaming
  • Arcade Joystick + 8 Buttons per Player
  • Black Finish with Stylish Chrome Trim
  • 19” 4:3 HD MVA Screen + Arcade Game System
  • Handmade in the UK to Highest Standard
  • So Simple to Use – Just Plug and Play
  • High Scores Saves Keep Challenge Ongoing
  • Add More Games/Emulators to your System
  • Unlimited Phone/Email Tech Support
  • Free Mainland UK Pallet Delivery Included
  • Full 12 Month Parts and Labour Warranty

  • Machine: Classic Stand-Up Upright Arcade Machine with Full 2-Player Gameplay
  • Number of Games: Over 1500 Classic Arcade Games
  • Games Type: 80s + 90s Arcade Classics
  • GT Cabinet Dimensions: 170cm/67 inches, Width – 56.5cm/22 inches, Depth – 64cm/25 inches, Weight – 75kg/165 lbs
  • Additional Features: Full 2-Player Gaming, Play Over 2500 Classic Arcade Games, 2 x USB Ports to Add More Games, Classic Square 19” Screen, Top Quality Sound System, Unrivalled UK Support.

All GT machines are backed by a 12-month back-to-base warranty with parts/labour included as free with this system. With all GT arcade machines you get unlimited phone/email support so you can be confident that you will always get help if required. Over 95% of enquiries can be arranged on the phone by either talking you through or remotely accessing your system with your permission. You are paying for the hardware and associated work, all access to games is provided as free. Some games may require internet connection.

GT 60 Video

GT 120 Video

GT 120 All games from top to bottom

GT 500 Video

GT 500 All games from top to bottom

GT 1500 Video

GT 2500 Video

GTX Video

Set/Custom Graphics

With all of our GT machines, you can also choose to have custom graphics on your cabinet with any finish as preferred.  All GT machines can have a range of custom graphics options so you can get your machine exactly as you wish graphics-wise. For our uprights, you can have a custom marquee (top graphic) or for our tables an under-glass graphic, if you have a favourite game or would like a personal message.  We can provide full custom side graphics if you have a custom design in mind as well as control panel and front graphics as you so choose.

Arcade Buttons

For your buttons, we usually recommend our standard classic concave arcade buttons (in black, white, red, blue) as they feel the best and the same as we were used to playing on back in the day. Here is an image of a sample control panel with all colour options shown. We do sell basic illuminated arcade buttons (in red, white or blue with other colours available on request) as some people prefer them but as they are flat and a bit spongier, in our opinion they just don’t feel as good to play with as the standard buttons.  We can source and install pretty much any buttons that you would like best for your cabinet so please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a particular preference. 

Arcade Light Guns

If you’re partial to a good light gun game then we can provide either one or a pair of arcade light guns which can be added to your system.  This includes full installation and set-up so all you have to do is plug them in and prepare to take aim.  We also have holsters available to install on the side/front of your cabinet as you prefer.  If not interested immediately then we can usually install the sensor on your cabinet for no extra cost and you can add the guns at a later date.  Light guns are available for our Apex, Evo and Nu-Gen cabinets and here is a full list of compatible games. Lightguns are only available for GT 2500 and GT X series standup cabinets.

Arcade Seating 

We can suggest or supply a range of bar stools or pod stools to complement your arcade cabinet so please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to get some stools for added comfort when playing on your new arcade machine.

Delivery is usually within 2-3 weeks from order confirmation although this can often be sped up or extended to accommodate your plans so please don’t hesitate to ask.

With pallet delivery, we advise you to have at least 2 able-bodied people at the delivery point to unpack and position the cabinet at your location.

Overseas or 2-man delivery options are available for an extra charge so please get in touch for a quote if required.

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