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Our Large Stand-Up Arcade Cabinet

Our top of the range wide screen, Evo Arcade Cabinet has ushered in a new dawn for high-end arcade machines. With a modern retro style, this stunning arcade fits seamlessly into any environment, available in three different formats to choose from depending on your needs and wants: Evo Play, Evo Media, and Evo Elite.

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Evo Arcade Cabinets

The Evo was born from the need to play the then brand new resurgence of fighting games such as Street Fighter 4. Since then, the Evo’s tour of duty has included the likes of Capcom, Warner Bros, EA, Media Molecule, and Activision.

The ample control panel houses a full set of six action buttons, one credit and start button, and two extra buttons for the supplementary shoulder buttons on modern console joypads. There is plenty of scope to comfortably add a trackball and spinner. All Evo arcade machines also benefit from a great speaker system delivering crisp sound along with great bass with the volume adjustable via the wired remote on the back of the cabinet.

Analogue games are amply catered for thanks to the four USB ports conveniently located on the front of the machine. Either set up an Xbox pad for an all-in-one solution, or, if you’re a hardcore purist, plug in the actual pad via a converter, which we can supply and configure just for you. You can even add simultaneous control compatibility with Xbox One and PS4. 

All Evo arcade machines are made to order by hand in the UK and are fully customisable, so you can go all out to design the cabinet of your dreams. Whilst the Evo really looks the part, it’s also very easy to use – plug and play, loading directly into the game selection menu with one pushbutton on/off switch. You can enjoy the pleasure of reliving all your favourite arcade and console games in the way that you remember.

All of our games machines come with a full 12-month warranty. For all the answers, check out our FAQs section.

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