Marvel VS SF, Rampage + Time Crisis II

Marvel VS Street Fighter

Alike the other games in the Marvel VS Capcom series, the game took on tag team game play. The player would have picked two players who would go against the computer or another competitor. Using a series of joystick moves and buttons – the player would have had to knock out both opposing characters, have had the highest amount of health before the timer ran out.

An addition to the series, which did not appear in X-men VS Street Fighter, was the inclusion of ‘Variable Assist’. This could summon the off-screen character to perform their special attack without swapping the characters out.

Playable characters from both franchises were:

Marvel Street Fighter
Blackheart Akuma
Captain America Chun-Li
Cyclops Dan Hibiki
Omega Red Dhalism
Shuma Gorath Ken
Spider-Man Ryu
Wolverine Sakura Kasugaho
Hulk Zangief
M. Bison

In the single player edition of the game, the player would fight their way through teams of characters to reach two boss fights (Apocalypse and Cyber Akuma).

Rampage World Tour

Successor to the arcade classic Rampage, World Tour was another huge success. The game follows monsters George, Lizzie and Ralph who had been released due to an explosion at a Scumlabs facility. The aim of the game was to destroy all of the other Scumlabs bases and kill all of the employees.

If the player took too long destroying the environment – jets would have appeared to help with the destruction and the level would end with a lower score. Players could choose where in the world they would destroy next through a billboard of destinations and later in the game was able to through ‘World Tour’ power-ups. Other power-ups included purple radioactive waste that turned the player into the super monster V.E.R.N.

Time Crisis II

Time Crisis II followed on from the events in its predecessor. This light gun classic introduced co-operative game play to the series. The plot of this arcade classic followed Agent Christie Ryan as she realised that NeoDynes satellite (that was meant to unify nationwide communications) was a nuclear satellite being sold off to the highest bidder.

Alike the first game in the series, Time Crisis II used a pedal system that allowed the player to shoot (pedal down) or hide (pedal released). An addition to the arcade title was the ‘Crisis Flash’ ability. Which would tell the player whether an enemy shot would be critical.

The player would lose a life by receiving a critical hit from a bullet or obstacle. Subsequently, the game would end when the player had lost all of their lives.

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