Synergy Arcade Machine - New Photos

Hi Guys!!

We recently brought you the news that we had a professional photographer come and take some high quality photos of our arcade cabinets. At the time, we published the photos that had been taken of the Apex arcade machine. Now it’s the turn of our fabulous cocktail / tabletop arcade machine – The Synergy!

The Synergy is our flagship multigame sitdown arcade machine boasting both horizontal and vertical controls. Our innovative design enables players to play a whole host of arcade games – both modern and classic – in the way which they were designed to be played. Amongst the photos are some with special custom upgrades such as different colour finishes and the BOSE speaker upgrade.

Above are some examples of different Synergy arcade machines which we have produced recently. To view the photos properly, just click on any one and scroll through the slideshow.

As we’ve said before, we love making these unique arcade machines and feel that they add a little extra to an already exceptional product. We offer a wide range of modifications (both internal and external), and arcade peripherals to enhance your experience even further.


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