The Arcade at Shoreditch House

If you feel like demonstrating one of our arcade machines and are free on the last monday of every month, then why not pop down to Shoreditch House and socialise at the same time? (invitation only as it’s a members only club. So let us know and we will do our best to put you on our guest list!)

Its a great way to chill after a stressful day’s work, the salubrious surroundings do a great job of helping you unwind (the open air swimming pool on the roof helps too). Jonny and Jai have done a great job of putting a great night on providing a space where like minded gamers of all ages can revisit their youth via the classic arcade games they (or we) treasure from times gone by…

(Personally- has to be: 1942, R-Type, Slap Fight, Gemini Wing, Vigilante, Double Dragon, Trojan, Final Fight, Strider, Shadow Dancer, World Heroes, of course SFII). The list could go on…

As you can see from the photos- our arcade machines provide a great job of entertaining a crowd, no matter where- albeit in a games room at home or in a bustling London hotspot. Apologies for the poor cameraphone quality.

The Synergy arcade machines are great for providing the ultimate in “sofa side” entertainment. In a living room environment the Synergy 2012 edition does far more than simply play games. It can also be used as the multimedia hub of the entire house. Our Media and Elite units are also compatible with Apple’s Airplay and the Sonos wireless home music system (upon request).

All 2012 Media units feature 1 Terabyte Hard disks and full wireless capabilities. Our Elite units feature an i5 cpu, USB 3.0 and 2 terabytes worth of space (yes 2)!. As technology improves- so do our systems, we don’t slouch on tech- you get a lot of hardware for the money.

Simply call us on 0207 935-9005 or email and we can tailor your arcade machine to your exact specification.

the arcade night at shoreditch house

The next event is April the 30th and space is limited, so let us know ASAP!

10p’s not required 😉 Happy Gaming!!

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