The Benefits of Tabletop Arcade Machines

The Benefits of Tabletop Arcade Machines

Owning your own arcade gaming cabinet is every gamer’s dream. But such dreams are often nipped in the bud by one very glaring con to these machines: they’re pretty big.

So if you’re looking at a basement with limited space or live with someone who may not be keen on having a monolith of a machine squatting in your living room, you may be wondering: Are arcade machines worth it?

Absolutely. While traditional stand-up arcade machines of yore are probably out of your purview if space is a premium, there’s no reason to think it’s Game Over for your home arcade dreams. Enter the tabletop arcade game machine.

Why You Should Get A Retro Tabletop Arcade Machine

You Can Eat On It

Gamers know you don’t let food within a meter of your gaming set-up, no matter if you’re rocking a console or a PC. The same goes for stand-up arcade machines. During the old days, if you were feeling peckish, then you’d have to relinquish the controls for a trip to the snack bar.

Tabletop arcade machines, by virtue of literally being tables, are made for snacking in between games. Grab a few bar stools to pair with your GT-500 and you can last a little longer chasing after those elusive high scores with a pint and a plate of chips within arm’s reach.

Turning play into a sit-down, snack-by-your-side experience also has advantages if you’re a barcade owner. The more comfortable players are, the longer they’ll spend hanging around with their friends at your establishment.

It’s Space Efficient…

With a tabletop arcade game machine, you get all the benefits of arcade machines without crowding your basement’s floor space or relegating your machine to a sad corner in your garage.

While tabletop arcade machines may look hefty at first glance, the advantage in getting one lies in its dual functionality. Unlike stand-up arcade cabinets, tabletop arcade machines moonlight as furniture. You may not have space for an arcade machine, but you can always make more room for a table.

Their dual-functionality makes machines like the GT tabletop arcade machine an appealing choice not just for consumers. Bars and retro games are a match made in entertainment heaven. Tabletop machines let pub owners turn a corner into a gaming nook without sacrificing tables for customers.

…And Easier To Move

After price, the next hurdle to taking home your own arcade machine is logistics. Traditional stand-up cabinets are notoriously difficult to move on your own without a dolly, hand truck, or professional help. It’s the height that makes them trickier to balance.

Tabletop arcade machines are relatively easier to position or reposition should you need to switch things around. Because of their shape, the machines are essentially heavy coffee tables, and are therefore a bit easier to lift with the help of a friend or two.

Two Ways To Play

A little elbow jostling is unavoidable when you’re playing with traditional stand-up arcade cabinets. That’s fine for games like Pac-Man or Galaga where a flick of a wrist is enough to get you where you want, but can feel uncomfortable when you’re going head-to-head in explosive games that require precision like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter II. There’s nothing like an errant elbow to the ribs in real life to ruin a combo!

Tabletop arcade machines position players opposite each other, so there’s no risk of elbowing your mates amidst the heat of a match–accidental or otherwise. Plus, this way, you can see your opponent’s face when you trounce them.

However, not every game needs to be competitive. Some of the best couch co-op experiences sprung out of arcades, like Contra and The Simpsons. For these types of games, it can be hard to coordinate across a table. Our GT-1500 3-Sided Tabletop Arcade Machine solves that problem. The table is surrounded by four pairs of fight sticks–two across and two side-by-side–so you can choose your configuration depending on your chosen game.

Two Orientations To Play

Arcade games can be divided by orientation. Some games like Defender and Street Fighter are best played horizontally, while games like Space Invaders need verticality to deploy wave after wave of enemies down on the player.

Our GT tabletop arcade machines let you play games in the orientation they were meant to be played–no awkwardly stretched visuals. Vertical games play in full screen, while 2-player brawlers like Street Fighter can be played horizontally or in split screen mode.

Ready to sit down and get your game on? We’d be happy to answer any lingering questions or concerns you have about tabletop arcade machines. Just shoot us an email or give us a call.

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