2013 Arcade Machine Upgrades Part 1

2013 brings games and new technology and Bespoke Arcades is always striving to deliver the cutting-edge tech to our clients. We are going to present a series of posts highlighting new innovations that are being incorporated into our arcade machines this year.

Our first new feature is a new range of RGB LED pushbuttons. When the buttons are unlit, they are milky white. All colours and effects are managed by another all-new device- our 64 bit lighting controller which will allow more lighting effects than Las Vegas and Jean Michel Jarre put together.

The video posted shows unaltered footage. Its quite tricky to see- however the light is perfectly diffused throughout the button. Without a doubt this is the perfect, elegant solution for lighting buttons. The quality of the buttons is unsurpassed and are made in Europe by Industrias Lorenzo- an incredible amount of research and development went into providing the perfect mix between full LED lighting and white balance of an unlit button.

It’s even possible to vary the buttons’ colour according to the music being played during the game thanks to some nifty plugins.

The joystick sitting innocently to the left is no traditional stick. On the underside lies a powerful servo which will instantly switch the stick from 8-way mode to 4-way (or vice-versa). All you have to do is press a discreet button and you will hear the action take place. The joystick looks similar to the American Competition style stick, however it feels more like the Japanese Sanwa JLF joysticks (thanks to the precision and soft microswitches) which are a popular choice for fighting game fans.

This is the new king of the block when it comes to switching between 4 and 8 way and is available now for all Bespoke Arcades machines for sale.

This is one of many enhancements we have planned for the entire Bespoke Arcades range. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for more innovations to come.

Happy Gaming

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