4 Steam games which work great on your arcade machine

Hi there. For this week’s blog, I thought id suggest a few games that work like a charm on your arcade machine via Steam. Steam is a fantastic, easy to use service which allows you to buy games and takes the know how out of installing your new games. Think of it as Xbox Live for your PC. So here goes:

Streetfighter X Tekken
A game that either fan base thought would never happen. This is a team-based one one on one fighting game which is remarkably deep when all the many variables are mastered. This is a game which truly pushed the genre into new realms. Gameplay is different from Streetfighter IV which concentrates on precise combos, in SFXT, the gamer has so string buttons together (much like Killer Instinct. Well worth a quick spar!

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX
So lets get ready for a 30 year update of one of the most famous games of all time. This reinvention is a colourful escapade building on the classic formula. One new addition is the sleeping ghost which only chases when passed by. The DX update allows players to challenge each other as well as improve global leaderboards. This game is right at home on your arcade machine and is always a firm favourite at parties.

Nights into Dreams
A Hi res port of the psychedelic Sega masterpiece, take a flying roller coaster ride throughout the 7 levels. It’s quite hard to say whether its a platformer or racing game which could be why its overlooked so often. Definitely worth giving this remake a whirl.

Injustice- Gods Among Us
Rarely has a game with no previous pedigree created such a storm as Injustice has amongst fighting game aficionados. The DC comic book franchise has provided a perfect basis to create a wonderful tour de force of the traditional fighting game. The graphics and general design of the game is perfect and wonderfully different from the game’s contemporaries- dark and sombre and extremely polished. This game works like a charm on our machines, so much so- Warner Bros went around the country with Nu-Gen arcade machines made by yours truly. And obviously preformed flawlessly satisfying the thirst of those hardcore fans.

So if you have a Media or Elite machine and you feel like playing some new games- take a look at Steam.

Happy Gaming

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