AM2 games on your Bespoke Arcades machine

Some news hot off the press and some more great games to play on your Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 compatible arcade machine! Sega have released a trio of classic arcade titles which work as smooth as silk on your Bespoke Arcades arcade cabinet. The following titles are only 400 points each on Xbox Live (approximately £4): Virtua Fighter II, Sonic The Fighters and Fighting Vipers.

These titles are a perfect addition to any fighting game aficionado and as mentioned before perform flawlessly on your arcade cabinet. Sega set the standards high when they released Virtua Fighter II and got rave reviews from the arcade gaming public, and like a fine wine- in my humble opinion the title has only improved with age.

Fighting Vipers follows in Virtua Fighter’s footsteps, however there are noticeable differences in the game’s mechanics. Each character dons armour, which can be damaged and monitored via a diagram of your player’s torso. If your armour is broken off- your avatar is susceptible to more damage.

Apparently Sonic The Fighters is the result of a programmer on the Fighting Vipers team including Sonic on the character roster (for a bit of fun) and approval was given to put a Sonic themed game into full production. Therefore its safe to assume there are a lot of similarities, however there isn’t an armour element in this title.

These titles were created by a subdivision of Sega called AM2. This crack team of developers was headed up by Yu Suzuki (the creator of Shenmue) and was also responsible for the stellar racing game Daytona. Another AM2 title you can find on the 360 or Playstation 3 is the current Virtua Fighter 5 which also plays like a dream and is a must have for any fighting game fan.

Either way, any of these purchases would make a welcome addition to your arcade cabinet’s arsenal and brings further entertainment value to your Bespoke Arcades arcade machine.

Happy Gaming!!!

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