Arcade Machine with a Touch - Apex Touch

Apex Touch Arcade MachineWe’ve been working incredibly hard over the last few months to bring out our 2013 upgrades! We were thinking of what our clients want, and with the feedback we’ve received from them we knew exactly what next to create for our esteemed clients. Therefore without further ado we present our amazing Apex with a touch, the Apex Touch.

The Apex Touch is the latest in our Apex line of arcade machines, and brings the latest touchscreen technology to your arcade machine. We are the first arcade manufacturer to offer a touchscreen enabled arcade machine.

As standard our Apex comes with over 350 games (including Pac-Man, Defender, Arkanoid, 1941, Sonic and many more hits), with the possibility to add 1000s of games. All the options available to the Apex Media/Elite are available to this beauty with the cutting-edge touchscreen technology. Whether you want illuminated buttons, trackball controller, light guns or any of our many options we have you covered. We also offer custom marquees and with our in-house Graphics Designer, we can help you find the design that you always wanted.

You can use the touchscreen to play any touchscreen compatible games, surf the web and much more all at the touch of your finger.

Our Apex Touch comes in either the Media or Elite flavours. They come with a built-in PC and with the option of Windows 8, you can get the full touchscreen experience. With our Apex Touch you can load your own games, emulators or educational packages. The options are simply endless with the new Apex Touch.

The Apex Touch arcade machine is on sale now, and are selling like hot cakes. We hope you will love this arcade machine as much as we loved making it.

We also have a few more surprises for 2013, so keep tuned.

Happy Gaming!

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