The new decade of arcade gaming!

Sina Mora Arcade Gaming CoverAfter taking a walk around this year’s International Gaming Expo, I was left disheartened to say the least. It seems arcade games are leaning away from the hardcore and very much targeting the casual gamer. From Cut the rope HD to Fruit Ninja HD, there wasn’t a huge amount arcade gaming on offer to get my hands twitching. Plenty of innovation on display but not a great deal to whet my traditional arcade gaming child inside.

However the same cannot be said for the home arcade gaming arena. Unfortunately times are tough and many in the video games industry are feeling the squeeze, but stellar titles are still in constant flow, ensuring the hardcore gamer has an outlet to satisfy his or her needs. Current console and PC platforms offer a host of ways to play you favourite titles of yesteryear as well as a plethora of new ones.

From After Burner to Zaxxon; thanks to Xbox Live, WiiWare and the Playstation Network your console has a vast library of retrogaming titles to sample. Of course, our Bespoke Arcade machines can be tailor-made to be cross-compatible with some or all of today’s generation of video gaming hardware.

Or maybe you feel like fast-forwarding to the frenetic action of some of today’s offerings, then a Bespoke Arcades machine will not let you down. There’s no better way of playing Grasshopper studio’s Bullet-Hell masterpiece Sine Mora than on of our arcade machines. Zero delay from our controls ensures zen-like precision is at your fingertips and will allow feats of enemy-avoiding accuracy you didn’t know were possible.

With the arrival of Capcom Arcade Cabinet hitting all the consoles’ dashboards, you can be assured of a steady stream of genuine arcade titles to tide you over when you need your twitch gaming fix! You will never get tired of your Bespoke Arcades machine.

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