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Arcade Machine PR – Bespoke Arcade Company Stealing The Headlines

Bespoke Arcades Company Stealing The Headlines

You can forget your Xbox or Playstation as they just don’t cut it anymore. The world of gaming is being turned on its head by the retro cool arcade machine. If you thought Nintendo or Microsoft were going to set the world alight in 2009 as latest and greatest, think again as Bespoke Arcades are emerging as the coolest thing since, well, Pac Man. The company, who design and build individually tailored arcade machines that just ooze cool, have been stealing the headlines with their award winning products. Bespoke Arcades were featured in numerous men’s magazines and gaming publications towards the end of 2008 and their celebrated arcade machines are set to become the must have item of 2009.

As a bespoke manufacturer, they can offer you the choice between selecting from one of their current top models, having a cabinet tailored to your desire with an array of additional options, or choosing a bespoke cabinet designed to meet specific needs. Each arcade cabinet can be fully customised both inside and out, have any finish to suit a particular look, and can incorporate a wide range of classic retro arcade games. From your childhood favourites like Capcom’s Commando and Sega’s Worldwide Soccer, to classics like Asteroids, Tetris, Space Invaders, Pac Man and Street Fighter 2, Bespoke Arcades have it all. So now, all of their arcade cabinets have been featured in the national media, having appeared on the BBC, ITV, Sky and Channel 5; The Gadget Show voting them “the best buy product” in their category.

Bespoke Arcade have also had their machines selected as the UK’s No 1 arcade cabinets by T3 magazine, voted in the Top Ten Best Gaming products by Stuff Magazine, and were even chosen as one of Wayne Rooney’s favourite toys in Loaded. Soon every games room and bar will have one of these stylish arcade cabinets, so before every Tom, Dick and Harry starts hacking up their black ash bookcases in an attempt to replicate go to Bespoke Arcades and check them out for yourself.

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