BA Christmas Ordering Schedule 2017

Ho-ho-ho! It’s that time of year again and what better gift to get for your loved one or as a special Christmas present for yourself than one of our superb arcade machines?

We have a whole range of arcade machines in stock for delivery to you before Christmas that will Evo Cabinetadorn any space from your living room to your games room and can personalise any machine with a special message or finish as you would prefer.

Whilst it is always advisable to get in as early as possible to guarantee delivery before Christmas, as we make special provisions at this time of year you can actually place orders with us for guaranteed pre-Christmas delivery until as close as possible to Christmas Day.

As ever, we are always contactable and more than happy to ask any questions that any clients may have – our workshop number is 0207 935 9005 so please don’t hesitate to call us to check delivery dates or with anything at all as we’d be happy to hear from you anytime.

Here is our planned order/delivery schedule for Christmas 2017:

As always, we will be able to take orders on all of our arcade cabinets right up until the 21/12/17 for deliveries in the London region.

For deliveries ex-London surrounds (ie over 80 miles) the cut-off day for orders would be the 19/12/17, although should you call us on the 20/12 or 21/12 we would do everything in our power to be sure that it got to you in time for Xmas.

For any overseas cabinet deliveries, the 14/12/17 is the cut-off date – please call us to confirm if an overseas delivery is required as for popular destinations we may be able to extend into the week of the 18/12.

Also, anyone wanting a custom finish colour or custom graphics for their machine would also need to confirm their order by the 10/12/17 although we may be able to accommodate into the week of the 11/12 or later so please never hesitate to ask should this be the case.

We have available stock of all our arcade cabinet models and can speed-up delivery times if necessary at this time of year so don’t hesitate to get in touch if looking for the perfect arcade Christmas present.

For a brief overview of what you may be looking to get for your family or yourself this Christmas:

For your family area – our Synergy tabletop and Apex upright arcade cabinets

Whether you prefer a tabletop or a stand-up design, both of these unobtrusive arcade machines will fit perfectly into any free space and have been purposefully designed to deliver the perfect retro or retro-modern arcade experience. These 2 fantastic hand-built arcade machines both house a large 20 inch square format screen just like the old machines and have a uncompromising build quality that will give you many years of fun.

For your games room, snug or home office – our larger widescreen Evo Stand-Up arcade cabinet

Featuring a large 28” screen- the Evo is a full-sized arcade machine designed to play the classics as well as more modern games. The Evo arcade machine is tailor-made to benefit from games old and new. Get the most out of your Evo by adding Xbox or Playstation compatibility so that all generations of gamers are entertained both now and in the future.

For the modern gamer – our Nu-Gen arcade games machine

Since we started way back in 2005, times have certainly moved on and our Nu-Gen is testament to this fact. If you want an arcade machine that would appeal to your kith and kin – then a Nu-Gen arcade machine is the way to go. It’s modern styling harks back to Japan’s current arcade systems (although we’ve added some Bespoke Arcades flair to make it an all new design classic) and is a true object of desire for today’s gamers. The control panel is so vast, it can comfortably handle 4-player controls for some serious festive family gaming time.

For under £1000 – our Game Time tabletops and stand-up arcade cabinets

If you’re shopping for an arcade machine on a budget, we offer a range of commercial-grade arcade machines which run on arcade boards with 60 games and upwards. A great solution if you want a good-looking, no-frills arcade machine with the ability to swap game boards at a later date.

As you can see we have something for everyone and can be pretty flexible at this time of year so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if looking for the perfect Christmas present for your family or just for you! 😉

Happy Christmas Gaming!

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