Bespoke Arcades at Mad Catz Unveiled

Friday the 13th is usually reserved for more spooky affairs, but Bespoke Arcades were proud to assist Mad Catz with their “Mad Catz Unveiled” event. The showcase took place at the prestigious Penthouse at One Soho Square and we brought down one of our flagship Evo units to keep the press and public entertained (along with Ryu, Ken and Poison pictured).

We personally unveiled our collaborative prototype arcade housing for the Mad Catz range of arcade sticks. We got some great feedback from the hardcore gamers and Ryan Hart who was testing the bejeezus out of it for most of the day. Watch this space for further developments as we refine the design and take things further to provide another flawless arcade experience in your own home….

Take a quick look at a video here- Bespoke Arcades and Mad Catz

Mad Catz had brought their latest products for all to test. I was blown away by their new Warhead headphones- 7.1 surround sound, wireless chat!!! It’s also got a spare battery permanently charging to keep you gaming in 7.1 surround sound 24/7.

They also had a triple screen simulator set up by their Saitek division. Absolutely blew me away- obviously I had no clue what I was doing (although I did take off from Heathrow badly), but their range of modular accessories made an incredible cockpit setup with an array of interfaces, dials and digits which made onlookers marvel.

Mad Catz also bought their range of Cyborg peripherals to the mix. Their range of RAT mice were also on show. These are without a doubt the most customiseable and desirable mice ever. They look like the kind of mice the Terminator would use.

I think it’s safe to say Mad Catz and their subdivisions cater for the hardcore and professional gamer alike. Their range of peripherals (which now include the MLG controllers) allows the ardent games enthusiast to tweak and refine their game controllers to suit their own particular taste.

The event was a resounding success and all who attended had a grand time as well as had full stomachs thanks to the excellent catering on offer.

Happy Gaming!!

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