Captain Commando

Set in a Metro City in the crime-ridden future of 2026, the player and their friends team up as Captain Commando and the Commando Companions to defeat a gang of super-powered criminals and save the City, Earth and Galaxy.

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The four playable characters all have their own unique skillset and attacks, with the Commando Companions being Captain Commando, Mack the Knife, Ginzu the Ninja and Baby Head.

Captain Commando

Captain Commando himself is the leader of the other Commando’s and serves as a generally well-rounded character with a powerful mind, physical strength and his famed ‘Mighty Glove’ that shoots mighty bolts of fire and electricity.

His Killer Technique is the great ‘Captain Collider’, upon striking the ground with the energy glove, an electric shock is dispersed outwards, killing all of the enemies surrounding him. The Captain’s Dash Attacks are ‘Captain Cannon’, ‘Captain Fire’ (torches enemy with a flame) and ‘Captain Kick’ (ability to hit several enemies at once). Alike the other characters, the Captain can also grab the opponent and either kick their stomach or throw their body. His ‘Captain Goggles’ help to identify a criminal from over 2km away. Regarding the Captain’s costume, he uses a super-tough material called ‘Captanium’ and can stand up to a trillion degree heat. The ‘Captain Gauntlet’ multiplies the Captain’s power 48 times. And finally his ‘Captain Boots’ which make it possible for him to fall from whatever distance without injury.

Mack the Knife

Also known as ‘Mummy Commando’, Mack is a mummy-like alien from outer space. He carries a subsonic knife weapons that have the ability to melt any enemy that he comes into contact with. The Killer Technique Mack has is a ‘Spinner Attack’, where the character spins around and his bandages whip his enemies. The Dash Attacks the character possesses are ‘Double Trouble’ (in which the enemy stabs his enemies with two knives), ‘Sky Assault’ (the same as Double Trouble only airborne. Mack can also grab, kick and throw enemies – alike the other Companions. Moreover, he carries with him the ‘Captain Cap’ souvenir from the first time her met Captain Commando. Vital to his survival on Earth, Mack’s ‘Genetic Bandage’ acts as his life-sustaining equipment; as well as the ‘Genetic Knife’ which melts away all matter. Finally, his ‘Gravity Controllers’ are a pair of shoes that adjust the gravitational pull to wherever in best.

Ginzu the Ninja

The highly-trained Ninja, used their sword to cut people in two when in battle. Ginzu’s Killer Technique ‘Smoke Bomb’ shrouds the character in smoke which then explodes to defeat the surrounding enemies. His Dash Attacks include ‘Laizuki’ (pieces several enemies at once) and ‘Flying Katana’ (cuts enemies from above whilst jumping). Thanks to Ginzu’s ‘Ninja Eyes’ he can find his foes up to 500 metres away. Always carrying his faithful ‘Servant Sword’ which is loyal to him alone; ‘Lightning Light’ allows the player to cut objects at an atomic level and finally, his ‘Ninja Suit’ that is both tougher than iron and as soft as silk.

Baby Head

The last of the commandos – Baby Head – is a baby that uses a robot to fight. Their Killer Technique ‘Knee Rocket’ launches a missile from the Robot’s knee. The Dash Attacks used by this commando include: ‘Rolling Punch’ (punch that spins like a drill), ‘Elbow Smash’ and can also perform a ‘Pile-Driver’ and ‘Fling Away’ attacks. Baby-Head also uses a ‘Talking Machine’, with an appearance of a dummy, the high-tech allows the Baby to speak in the three thousand languages of the cosmos. Other elements Baby Head uses are the ‘Stable Cradle’, ‘Silver Fist Vehicle’ and ‘Missile Launcher’.

With game play echoing Capcom’s previous hit Final Fight, 1-4 players can take on their role of the commandos through the 9 stages of the game. Alike other games of the time, health restoring food items and weapons can be found throughout each level.

The history of Captain Commando goes further back than his title game, as the character appears on many manuals for Capcom’s earlier NES releases. Between 1986 and 1989, all of Capcom’s titles for the console were part of the ‘Captain Commando Challenge Series’. This games-list includes: 1942, Commando, Ghosts n’ Goblins, Mega Man, Trojan, Section 2 and Gunsmoke.

captain commando
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Captain Commando’s legacy stills lives on today, becoming a mainstay character in the Marvel vs Capcom series of games as well as featuring in titles such as Capcom World 2, Namco vs Capcom, Project x Zone 2 and SNK vs Capcom: Card Fighters Clash. 

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