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Royal Armouries logoWe were recently commissioned by the Royal Armouries to produce a series of coin-op arcade machines for use in the museum itself. The Royal Armouries is the oldest museum in Britain, and one of the oldest museums in the world. Located in Leeds, it has one of the largest collections of arms and armour in the world. It is also the keeper of the Tower of London history.
samurai shodown arcade machine - royal armouries - Leeds
The Royal Armouries devotes a huge amount of effort towards helping make Britain a safer place; principally by raising awareness of the effects of gun crime, working in partnership with the police to remove guns and knives from our streets and, through education, helping young people deal with conflict.

Through educational and community work, exhibitions, gallery enhancements and partnerships; the Royal Armouries have begun to address some of the most challenging and controversial issues facing contemporary society.


The 4 coin-op arcade classics requested were: Samurai Shodown, Street Fighter II, 1942 and Ghosts & Goblins. The common thread running through these titles is conflict.

Complete with coin doors charging £1 for 2 credits, these very special one-off arcade machines are located on the 4th floor by the family picnic area. The museum itself is free to enter and is open 7 days a week – so why not go and visit and try our arcade machines in person!

As you can see in the (poor quality) pics; the museum has produced some really cool posters for each machine which explain the relevance of each game – both in the context of violence and conflict, which exhibit they link to in the museum, and where they fit in arcade history.
arcade machines at royal armouries leeds
We delivered these arcade cabinets last week with the original PCB / JAMMA boards installed. We used a video up-scaler to ensure the best graphics possible on our LCD displays. We also added the Royal Armouries’ logo to the marquee to deliver a more personal product.

We are able to create a dedicated machine for virtually any title; we can create any button configuration to match the original, source original PCB boards and artwork. On that note, we’d like to say a big thank you to Andy’s Arcade for supplying the PCBs!

With loads of modification options available, we have a team of dedicated artists and designers on-hand to create original designs and help you fully customise every aspect of your dream arcade machine.

As always…. HAPPY GAMING!!

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