Elite Game Review - Transformers Fall of Cybertron

metroplex about to kick metalIf you’re a product of the 80’s then you are definitely familiar with the Transformers line of toys. As an ardent fan (see the photo), I was chomping at the bit to play through the latest game – Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

If you’re fortunate to be the proud owner of one of our Elite cabinets, there’s no better way of whiling away 12 hours or so via an X-Box 360 pad and an HDMI lead plugged into your HDTV for some epic big-screened action.

The action chronicles events leading up to the series’ protagonists entering a worm hole and settling down on Earth. They have definitely spiced things up from the last game which each level allowing controls of different characters, all with differing abilities which detracts from any monotony which may ensue.

For example: Cliffjumper can cloak, Jazz can swing around Arkham City-style via a laser-whip thing. All the characters you wold like to play as are all there- from the stupefyingly huge Bruticus to the intelligence-deficient but unbelievably powerful Grimlock.

It was great to hear some familiar voices in the cast which includes Glenn Cullen – the original voice of Optimus Prime, and the rest of the cast do an adept job of portraying the original characters although i don’t remember Jetfire being Australian. The sound is even better via the Elite’s Bose speakers.

metroplex in the distanceHigh-Moon Studios did a great job of recreating the dying Cybertron and evoking the size and sheer magnitude of some of the Transformers. One of the high points for me was the discovery of Metroplex (AKA Autobot City) pictured. Metroplex, like all of the characters have their own visual look, thanks to the artists at High Moon Studios (as when they arrive at Earth Teletraan-1 changes the Transformers’ form to suit Earth). For your amusement – I’ve uploaded a clip (PS3 version) and you can see it for yourself what the Transformers Fall of Cybertron game is like.

There are a multitude of highlights to experience whole playing this game. Just like the However, it is by no means perfect, I found the upgrading of weapons a bit of a chore- towards the end I pretty much gave up on this aspect. I found the occasional disappearance of a weapon i just dropped to be a tad irksome as i chose the wrong one half the time.

This is a fantastic multiplayer romp around Cybertron and is an excellent insight into the lore of Transformers – well worth a playthrough!


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