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Hi Guys!!
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Just thought we’d update you on our progress… As some of you may know, a few weeks ago we launched a competition on Facebook to help us boost our presence on the social networking site. We decided that once our page amassed 1,000 fans, we’d put all 1,000 names in a hat and draw out 1 very lucky winner who will be invited down to our workshop for a presentation and photo-shoot.

After initial success where we gained over 500 new fans in 24 hours, the number of people liking the page has stagnated slightly. This initial surge was very exciting to watch with the number of fans jumping every time we refreshed the page – for a short while, we were viral!!
apex play arcade cabinet in white
The prize is one of our incredible multi-award-winning arcade machines – The Apex Play arcade machine worth well in excess of £2,000 (see right). Coming pre-loaded with over 350 classic arcade games, this beast is guaranteed to keep even the most dedicated gamer hooked for years.

Entering the competition could not be more simple – follow this link to our Facebook Page and click “like” – That’s it!! We’re over half-way towards this initial goal, just one last push needed. Someone has to win this arcade machine and it could be you or one of your friends who would be forever indebted to you for suggesting the page to them. What are you waiting for?? Once on our Facebook page, just click “invite friends”, highlight those who you think would be interested and click “submit”.

We’ll keep you up-to-date on our progress so watch this space and of course…even if you don't win, be sure to check out our custom arcade machines. HAPPY GAMING!!

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