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Right People.. LISTEN UP!!
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Followers of our blog know what an amazing resource we have been providing to arcade machine and gaming enthusiasts since it was launched at the end of March this year. Recently we’ve been devoting a good amount of time to boosting our presence on social networking sites. We have principally done this through our newly-created Facebook and Twitter pages as most people statistically use one, the other, or both on a daily basis.

As our pages are in their infancy, we’ve been racking our brains to think of a way to promote them and offer some kind of reward to those who have taken the time to “like”/”follow” us. Therefore it is with great pride and fanfare that we are officially launching our 1st ever Facebook Competition!

apex play arcade cabinet in white
….”And what is the prize exactly?” I hear you ask….

The prize is one of our phenomenal multi-award-winning stand-up arcade machines – The Apex Play arcade machine worth well in excess of £2,000 (see right). Coming pre-loaded with over 350 classic arcade games, this beast is guaranteed to keep even the most dedicated gamer hooked for years. Entering the competition could not be more simple – follow this link to our Facebook Page and click “like” – That’s it!!

Once our page has amassed 1,000 fans, we’ll put all 1,000 names in a hat and draw out 1 very lucky winner who will be invited down to our workshop for a presentation and photoshoot.

Through the Bespoke Arcades Facebook page, we aim to keep you up-to-date with all our latest technological inventions – of which there are many. We will let you know about any corporate tie-ins which we are doing (such as our Apex being used in a Sky TV advert or our exclusive Mortal Kombat IX arcade cabinets commissioned by Warner Bros) and events which we are involved with (such as the club night we sponsor or shows we are exhibiting at). We will also bring you the latest games news from around the planet.

Facebook is a great way to stay on top of all that we have to offer and win great prizes at the same time. To go with the main prize, we will also be randomly giving away smaller gifts such as copies of games, tickets to events and promotional discounts exclusive to the group. So get recommending this page to your friends, family and casual acquaintances – there’s nothing to lose and incredible prizes to win. A similar competition is planned for Twitter in the near future, so get following us there to double your chances of winning!


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