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In the last 2 blogs you have heard me harp on about the Bullet Hell shooter- Sine Mora. If you’re a fan of the genre and desire a game with all the qualities of a classic Japanese shmup, with some current genration graphics and mechanics- you must get this game.

Irrespective on what format you play the game on, the game is a spectacle to watch. Sine Mora features a steampunk-style theme throughout its incredibly challenging levels. The game features high quality 3D visuals throughout the game but plays exactly like a 2D shooter. This title also features a slow motion button which is your last-ditch attempt to get out of projectiles heading your way which adds to the action and allows you to perform death-defying manoeuvres. The animation is equally as sumptuous as the soundtrack which suits the mayhem onscreen perfectly.

Garnering more than respectable ratings ranging from 77 to 85 out of 100 from Metacritic (which gathers all available scores and averages).

As mentined in previous posts- the game only costs £7.99 as represents ridiculously good value for money. The game’s story mode features 8 stages, split into 4 sub-levels. Even though it doesn’t sound much, the game can be cranked up to insane difficulty levels which would scupper the most hardcore of Bullet Hell gamers.

If you’re having friends over and you want to impress with your Bespoke Arcades arcade machine. Run this title and watch the jaws drop as you demonstrate today’s arcade action in your own home. The commercial-standard joysticks we supply in our arcade machines allow you to enter Sine Mora’s slo-motion time lapse, and allow to to bob and weave throughout the tightest of gaps and avoid the sea of bullets approaching your diminutive craft.

The title is available on PC, Playstation 3 and X box 360 and is compatible with all Bespoke Arcades Media and Elite models.

Happy Gaming!!!

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