Gaming Firm Keep Their Cool When Working With NASA

Arcade Machine PR – Bespoke Gaming Firm Keep Their Cool When Working With NASA

Bespoke Gaming Firm Keep Their Cool When Working With NASA

Having been voted The Gadget Show’s “best buy product”, as well as receiving acclaim throughout the national press and from celebrities like Wayne Rooney, you would have thought bespoke arcade cabinet creators Bespoke Arcades had reached the top. Well that was probably true until they were commissioned by NASA for an exclusive project. The company, who design and build individually tailored arcade machines that just ooze cool, have been stealing the headlines with their award winning products which have prevailed as the must have items of 2009.

The exclusive NASA project included the creation of a 3D imaging booth for use at the Rutherford space laboratory. Ben Georget, Managing Director of Bespoke, said, “Obviously all the acclaim we have received for our unique products is great but I do have to say that working for NASA tops the lot. I think that particular commission really speaks for the quality of our products and is a testament to the flexibility of our dedicated team.

Whilst on the whole we do tend to concentrate on our standard arcade cabinets, we are always interested in any custom projects that may become available. We are constantly striving to evolve with any new projects or ideas that any client may have.” Each arcade cabinet can be fully customised both inside and out, have any finish to suit a particular look, and can incorporate a wide range of classic retro arcade games.

From your childhood favourites like Capco’s Commando and Sega’s Worldwide Soccer, to classics like Asteroids, Tetris, Space Invaders, Pac Man and Street Fighter, Bespoke Arcades have it all. The new Evo Arcade Machine also includes the option to connect your PS3 console, thus incorporating all your classic favourites with the power and grit of next generation game play. Bespoke Arcades have been commended on providing the best looking products and are always striving to bring old classics in to the 21st century with their cool and stylish designs.

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