Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

Arcade Machine PR – Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

Give Yourself The Edge With Bespoke Arcades

The economic downturn has had an impact on a wide range of businesses and the licensed trade has been hit as hard as any. In these challenging times many businesses have to find new and innovative ways of retaining their customers in order to survive.

Now, Bespoke Arcades, leading suppliers of arcade machines and video arcade games have a selection of arcade machines that fit perfectly in a bar or pub. The manufacturer, Bespoke Arcades, specialise in creating custom built arcade machines for usage in bars, pubs, shops or hotels. These high quality cabinets are built and are preloaded with over three hundred and fifty retro arcade games which packs a punch while keeping the stylish sleek design of both their classic arcade cabinets and cocktail arcade tables.

They have multimedia functionality and are made with the highest quality components. Ben Georget, lead designer of Bespoke Arcades, whom are the premier manufacturer and online retailer of high quality arcade machines and arcade cabinets, and supply to the most prestigious stores in the UK including Hamleys, Harrods and Selfridges, said, “In these difficult economic times it is vital that firms find imaginative ways of attracting customers and this is particularly true of the pub and bar industry.

With over fifty pubs a week shutting their doors in the UK it is crucial that landlords find ways of retaining their clientele. We believe that a bespoke arcade cabinet offering customers the chance of enjoying their favourite arcade games is a perfect way of doing this.” Bespoke Arcades offer a range of systems which are all individually hand built. As well as offering a range of iconic arcade games including Space Invaders, PacMan and Asteroids they also have full multimedia functionality enabling Xbox 360 or Playstation3 games to be played through the system.

The cabinets offer a classic gaming experience and they allow pub and bar customers enjoy their favourite games in the way they were designed to be played. Mr Georget added, “We believe that installing a bespoke arcade cabinet in your bar, club, pub or shop can give you a vital competitive edge over the competition. Many customers enjoy playing the classic arcade games of their youth and by installing an arcade cabinet or cocktail table you are providing a clear differentiation between your premises and the local competition.”

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