Happy 29th Birthday Dynamo!!!

dynamo magician with apex play
We were happy to help Dynamo celebrate his 29th by quickly whipping up an Apex last minute. He was one happy customer and kindly allowed us to snap a photo while he was throwing a fireball (on screen of course).

His graphic designer supplied us with his own graphic which we printed and installed. If you want your own customised graphic on your arcade machine, then send it over to us and we’ll print and install it for free.

We gave the arcade red accents via the Sanwa joysticks and red buttons which complimented his custom pool table. We are always on hand to advise on which setup is suitable for each client, Dynamo was a fan of the fighting games, so we recommended the Sanwa’s premiere joystick- the Jlf-tp-8yt-sk. These sweet sticks are used in Streetfighter IV arcade machines across the world

Dynamo is one of the hottest magicians around with his own TV show on Watch and has a star-studded fan base “Absolutely stunning” Will Smith “The greatest magic I’ve ever seen” Chris Martin (Coldplay).

He was also a top guy and honour to deal with and hope that he enjoyed his bespoke arcade machine over the festive period.

Happy Gaming!!

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