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Last week Bespoke Arcades took on a new member to the team for work experience. Over the course of the week, Flyn learned how to build his own gaming PC as well as our top-of-the-range arcades!



Whilst he was here, Flyn wrote a blog post for us talking all about his favourite retro games series – Hitman. He first played Hitman: Blood Money on his original Xbox at home and has played most of the games in the series since! You can read Flyn’s review of this epic series below…

The Hitman games are by far my favourite series of games with Hitman: Contracts to Hitman 2: Silent Assassin to the best for last the Hitman: Blood Money.

Of course, the best part of the Hitman games is the silent but very deadly Agent 47, a clone that was trained to kill from a very young age as his DNA was merged with 5 criminal master minds known as “The Five fathers”.

The player is left to control Agent 47 himself. In case you’re wondering what his real name is – he doesn’t have one as he’s a clone. The reason his name is “47” is because there were 46 clones before him but he was the perfect one in every aspect of combat making him the perfect assassin.

But enough of that more about the game itself, you the player are left controlling a bald man in a very expensive suit and his famous bar-code on the back of his head. The bar-code represents that he has one purpose and it defines that he is a contract killer.

agent 47 barcode
Agent 47’s Bar-code Tattoo

Although the name (Hitman) is rather boring the games are a true masterpiece. Over the years the game play has changed, with its old mechanics such as the old inventory system (in Blood Money) that allows you to organise your deadly arsenal however you like.

Whereas, in the latest game, it has adapted to be an “opportunity system” for those player seeking an easy route but with fun twists and exciting plots. This is perfect for new players to the series but also great for fans of the older games. If you prefer to sit back and let the game role or you love to plan you assassinations carefully or if you just want grab the nearest thing to you and throw it or smash it at your targets head – you may do so.

For all you ruthless professionals, silent assassins and brutal amateurs this open world sandbox is perfect for those that wish to relive the old classics but with more modern features and if you are new welcome to a world of assassination.

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