Hyper Japan: A touch of Japanese Culture.

Hyper Japan - Packed Stand

Last weekend we were at Hyper Japan, the first time we have been at the exhibition. We were nervous but the Japanese culture fanbase welcomed us with open arms. As soon as we turned on our custom arcade machines people rushed in to play, and from Friday to Sunday evening the stand was jam packed.

We were sharing our area with our good buddies at Replay who kept the public’s groove on with Samba De Amigo, Donkey Kong and more. The DDR based games were so popular they also brought them to the Gadget Show.

Hyper Japan is all about Japanese Culture, including Japanese food, anime, Japanese games, and of course cosplaying among everything else oriental. Nintendo were showcasing their new Wii U which is out now. There was the Robotic Innovations by ITK, which uses robotics to help people do normal tasks like the robotic walking stick.

Food was a huge part of the exhibition, with a variety of Japanese treats being sold. You could try your hand at making your own Sushi at the Sushi workshop, or see if you’re left standing after sampling the 23 different types of Sake on offer at the Sake Experience.

The Tea Bar catered to the leaf lovers within us with a huge collection of different types on offer for all to sample (No PG Tips here though). There was even street food and sweet treats available from pancakes to octopus balls, including the Japanese Kit Kat which actually comes in strawberry flavour and the usual Pocky which is ever so famous in Japan.

Hyper Japan - Apex Arcade MachineWe had huge interest in our machines, and this is the first time that Hyper Japan has had arcade machines on show. Our arcade cabinets were running the seminal Japanese classics such as Street Fighter and Pac Man among others. We didn’t have a moment to breath as our stand was continuously occupied and we were always at hand to answer any and all questions or queries from the Hyper Japan visitors.

To the right there is a photo of some enthusiasts on our Apex arcade machine. Below are a selection of photos from Hyper Japan, and you can see slice of Japanese culture!


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