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view of insomnia 47
capcom bespoke arcades machinesWe’ve been busy beavers here at Bespoke Arcades, especially the last weekend! We were at both Insomnia 47 and Gadget Show Live Christmas! The team was split in two and one group went off to Telford to let the gamers get their hands on the most sophisticated arcade cabinets around and the other team went to the mayhem that was the Gadget Show Christmas 2012 event at Dockland’s ExCel.

It was the usual LAN fest at Insomnia 47, with the smell of hardcore gaming in the air and the spirit of never giving up when you just can’t defeat that final boss. We set off to keep the gamers entertained when they weren’t glued to their pc.

On top of having our cabinets scattered throughout the venue, Capcom used 4 of our Apex arcade cabinets to demonstrate their new range of upcoming retro rereleases on Xbox Live.

bespoke arcades machines with capcomIt’s not the first time we’ve worked with this powerhouse. We’ve also supplied them with machines for a Puma event in Shoreditch.All Bespoke Arcades’ clients can be safe in the knowledge that not only do we supply machines to the gaming industry for games like Mortal Kombat IX or manufacture custom projects for giants like 2K Games and their blockbuster title X-Com Enemy Unknown, but we also tirelessly stay on top of our game- forever innovating to keep us light years ahead of the competition.

Whereas other home arcade manufacturers slap logos on their machines, we work alongside them promoting their titles and in turn proving our worth.

For the moment it looks like the year’s exhibitions are at an end, and all our voices can now recover from the air conditioning and shouting above the cacophony from I47’s hardcore gamers and the Christmas present buying public at The Gadget Show 2012.

Happy Gaming

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