Introducing: The iPod Special Edition

Evo Arcade Machine - ipod Edition - White finish, Blue Trim
Bespoke Arcades is immensely proud to announce a world-first in arcade gaming! From this Spring, Media and Elite versions of all our arcade machines come with the option of a very special custom upgrade – full iPod/iPhone compatibility!!

This Spring we’re officially launching the iPod / iPhone compatible upgrade for our cabinets (available on all Media and Elite Editions). Once your iPhone or iPod is docked in our bespoke illuminated dock – it’s available for use with all the functionality at your fingertips. As far as we know, this is a world first! We are the only arcade machine manufacturer who offers this custom upgrade on their existing arcade cabinets.

Using iTunes is a breeze, all of your media will be continually updated and managed via iTunes’ fantastic software. Now that your Bespoke Arcades machine is transformed into your own personal media station, you can navigate through your iTunes library from your armchair via the supplied Apple remote.
We supply a full set of docking stations so you can interchange your devices and are not limited to using just one Apple product. Select a movie to watch or look at all your pictures on an amazing HD screen. You can even broadcast your library across your home network for the whole family to enjoy whilst your iPhone or iPod is charging.

Your iPhone or iPod can also be used as your own palm sized trackpad and keyboard thanks to the amazing Free-To-Air mouse app. This and many other free apps such as an app to get cover art are at your fingertips now that you can use the App store.

Here at Bespoke Arcades, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of technological advances and style. All of our arcade machines can be fully customised to include a vast range of options. The picture above (click on it to view full size) is an example of an Evo Media arcade cabinet which we built for a client who wanted his machine to match the rest of his Apple products – just one of a huge amount of ideas which we have for you here at Bespoke Arcades.

Windows Media Center is also pre-installed for that extra multimedia touch, watch TV via your internet connection, listen to radio and so much more. The only thing our arcade doesn’t do is make you a coffee (but we’re working on it ;))

For further information on this or any of our other products, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form, or phone us anytime on +44(0)207 935 9005. Happy Gaming!

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