iPod Compatible Arcade Machine in Action

Hi guys! Just thought we’d upload a photo of our Apex Media arcade machine in action, running iTunes.

Apex iPod Arcade Cabinet by Bespoke Arcades As you can see, an Apple iPhone 4 is docked in the custom illuminated dock and iTunes is working on the main screen. Not that our invention was ever doubted, but it’s always nice to show results. For a full explanation on how the iPhone / iPod connect to our fabulous arcade machines then we recommend that you read the original blog post which we wrote a couple of weeks ago. These arcade cabinets work with every iPod and iPhone currently on the market, transforming your arcade machine into a media centre capable of doing practically anything from the comfort of your couch. No need to buy any other devices, you can access your media library and watch movies in glorious HD, watch television, listen to your favourite tunes through high-quality speakers and even browse the web!
Watch this space for more innovations in the near future and of course…..


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