Bespoke Arcades at the London Games Festival 2024

Join Bespoke Arcades at the London Games Festival 2024

I'm really excited to share that Bespoke Arcades will be part of the London Games Festival this year, happening from April 9th to April 25th, 2024. This festival is a big deal in the gaming world, drawing lots of people to London, which is a major centre for the video game industry.

This time around, we've teamed up with Antstream to showcase our high-quality arcade machines at the renowned Coutts Head Office. This partnership is great because it lets us offer you a deep dive into classic gaming with a modern spin, all through Antstream's innovative streaming technology. It's a fantastic chance to play your old favourites in our specially designed arcade cabinets.

Our arcade machines are built tough, ready to handle the heavy use they'll get from thousands of visitors at the festival. It's the perfect test to show how well they hold up, demonstrating the strong build of our machines and the reliability of Antstream's software. We're proud to show them off in such an energetic environment.

But the London Games Festival is more than just a place to show our products. It's about connecting with the gaming community and supporting London's vibrant gaming culture. We're thrilled to be part of an event that helps the industry grow and celebrates the creativity and new ideas from game developers and fans alike.

At our booth, we’re looking forward to meeting other gaming fans and sharing our mutual love of arcade games. We'll have several of our custom-built arcade machines on display, which perfectly combine the fun of old-school games with the latest technology. Whether you're well-versed in gaming or new to arcades, you'll appreciate the quality and creativity that go into every machine we make.

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