Metroid 2: Samus Returns - All You Need To Know

Metroid II: Samus Returns is a re-imagining (of sorts) of the Game Boy title – “Metroid II: The Return of Samus”. The game has been developed a lot like the recent Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy remakes, as they were both programmed from the building blocks of their original game with new features and improvements added at each stage.

Playing as Samus Aran (protagonist of the Metroid series), the bounty hunter must find and exterminate all Metroids’ on the planet SR388. Some changes have been implemented on the game in terms of controls, visuals and game play. For example, in the original, Samus could only fire within set angles. Whereas, in the remake, she can fire in any direction that she wishes.

Some other new abilities that have been added to the game are melee attacks and Aeion Abilities. These are now powers that rely on an energy gauge shown on screen. One example of an Aeion ability is ‘Scan Pulse’, which allows the player to can an environment for any hidden items or pathways.

It has recently been announced by Nintendo that Samus Returns will heavily feature Amiibo extras. With in-game extras such as harder game play to bonus art gallery. In total there are 4 Amiibos to collect, but alike most Nintendo products, are proving very hard to find.

Samus and Metroid Amiibos are the new additions to the collection, with the other 2 being the Smash Bros Amiibos of Samus and Zero Suit Samus. The newer additions have already sold out worldwide, with no future date given. Whilst the Smash Bros set are still currently on sale on the Nintendo store for £10.99 each.

Each Amiibo’s function being:

Samus Aran

(Metroid Series)


  • Elon Tank Reserve
  • Metroid II Art Gallery (after game completion)


(Metroid Series)


  • Metroid Marker
  • FUSION Difficulty Mode (after game completion)

Samus Aran

(Smash Bros Series)


  • Missile Reserve Tank
  • Concept Art Gallery (after game completion)

Zero Suit Samus

(Smash Bros Series)


  • Energy Reserve Tank
  • Sound Text (after game completion)

The addition of Amiibos has angered many Nintendo fans as to play the full game you will have to fork out an additional £48 (minimum) – and that’s if you can get the new Amiibos for their retail price! The shortage of new Amiibos adds to the controversy around Nintendo only supplying a limited number of product yet again. Coming after previous Amiibo collections, the NES + SNES mini and the Nintendo Switch only having a very limited release.

Production for the new release started in 2015 and was only announced at E3 2017 a few months back. During the Nintendo E3 conference, the company also announced ‘Metroid Prime 4’ which is rumoured to come out in 2019.

Have you been playing Metroid 2? Did you manage to get your hands on all of the Amiibos? Maybe you've bought one of our fantastic arcade cabinets! Let us know via our Twitter or Facebook!

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