Mini NES

Mini NES

The tribute to the highly esteemed Nintendo Entertainment System was released yesterday in the form of the Mini NES. But will it really feel like the retro classic that everybody had wished for?

Early reviews from press and YouTuber’s have been mixed, many old-timer NES players being ecstatic to relive their childhood through this miniature system – with others showing huge disappointment in the system.

The main issue that many are finding with the console revolves around the size of the wire connecting the controller to the system. Being only 2.5 ft long, compared to the original systems over 7 ft cord, numerous early access individuals have shared their concern. Every child of past times or present will sit too close to the TV engrossed in the wondrous game in front of their eyes (literally), but the feedback shows that this was not the nostalgia that people wanted to experience.

When it comes to games on the system, all of the NES classic titles appear on the modern-day system, including Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and Ghosts ‘n Goblins. All the games on the system play in full HD thanks to the HDMI cable connecting the console to the TV. There are three various display options available, for those who wish to experience the games as they did when they were young. These include the CRT filter, 4:3 and Pixel Perfect. CRT mode gives the player the perfect nostalgic trip, making the chosen game look just like the original NES display on an old-school television set. The next filter is the 4:3 which slightly sharpens the pixels and finally Pixel Perfect creates the clear and perfect HD game-play.

Moreover, players will be able to save their game progress within four game slots and the system will also feature QR codes which, when scanned, will present the original instruction booklet of the game.

Let us know what you think of the Mini NES if you were lucky enough to purchase one! If you didn't get your hands on one however but still fancy playing the classic titles, be sure to check out our custom arcade machines with hundreds and thousands of retro game titles!

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