Making the Mortal Kombat X Arcade Machine

After Mortal Kombat IX and Injustice: Gods Among Us, our relationship with Warner Bros continued for the launch of the bloodiest fighting game ever – Mortal Kombat X.

As the world’s finest arcade machine manufacturer, we were very proud to be commissioned to produce 8 fully custom Mortal Kombat X arcade machines for the promotion of the new game via the Mortal Kombat cup tour. The MK arcade cabinets were designed to be PS4 compatible and more than tough enough to endure any punishment dished out due to the MK Cup! Like all Bespoke Arcades machines, we provided completely lag-free rigs designed to be played by the pros who are at the top of their game and demand only the best. All the side decals were die-cut from white vinyl which looked absolutely fantastic against the satin black finish:

Nu-Gen - Mortal Kombat Official (1) (1)

As the name suggests, the game is the 10th installment of the Mortal Kombat series and runs only on the Xbox One and PS4 for the time-being. It all runs in glorious 1080p resolution and at a smooth 60 frames per second thanks to the Unreal Engine – this increased resolution means more detail and as such this game really isn’t for the faint of heart!

Long gone are the days of 2D fatalities (which of course blew all our minds at the time), we’re now enjoying x-ray cinematic special moves that are truly great fun to watch as well as particularly graphic so the game certificate should certainly be fully adhered! The characters in Mortal Kombat X can be fully customised with various special moves and attire available for each, the game is also stomping on new ground online by allowing the players to choose a faction as well as varying challenges which results in prizes and the like. Everybody who had the pleasure of seeing the MK arcade machines was blown away, here’s a video just before they were collected from our workshop so you can see for yourself why:

25 years of Mortal Kombat has brought us this far and we’re extremely proud to be a part of the milestone with our MKX special edition Nu-Gen arcade cabinets helping to promote the game as well as entertaining the pros and public alike!

Goro Lives!

…and as ever, Happy Gaming! 😉

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