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Hi Guys!!

After the incredible success of our first ever competition which saw Ben Burton from Surrey win an Apex Play, we’ve decided to do it again! And here’s the best part… this competition is still open to the 1st 1000 who joined us on Facebook. Just our way of saying thank you for all your help so far…. We REALLY appreciate it.

Launched in June, the objective was to get to 1000 “likes” on our Facebook page, but we never anticipated quite how quickly we’d rack up the numbers. Although we’ve been on Facebook for a while, we recently started using it as an outlet for our newly-created arcade machine blog. With so many technological inventions and world 1sts, we felt that there was a need to let everyone know about our fantastic products and innovations. Since it’s inception at the end of March this year, we’ve racked up well over 10,000 hits and have diversified the brief to include information about upcoming events and commissions we’ve made for the likes of Warner Bros.

We very much appreciate everybody’s help in publicizing the blog which is why we launched the original competition. The idea was to reward someone at random for telling their friends. The winner was announced a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend he paid a visit to our North London workshop to collect his fabulous prize – an Apex Play upright multigame arcade machine worth well over £2000. Ben has requested some very special customisations which we are currently undertaking. Watch this space for pictures…

Synergy Multigame Arcade MachineSo now it’s time to launch a new competition! This time we’re going to give away one of our fabulous cocktail arcade machines – The Synergy Play. With it’s distinctive style , this stunning arcade table is probably our best known and most recognised arcade machine. It has received many awards and heaps of great press. Many of our famous clients have their own Synergy and now is your chance to join them!

Originally launched in 2006, this is a superduper updated 2011 edition which comes with 350 classic arcade games loaded as standard. Play facing each other in classics like Centipede and Space Invaders, or next to each other for classics like Bubble Bobble and Street Fighter 2. The all-new Bespoke Arcades’ game selection menu will help you navigate straight into the game of your choice.

So here’s the deal….

It’s the same as before , BUT this time our new goal is 5000 “likes”. It’s ambitious but so are we. We want to build you the arcade machine of your dreams, no matter how corny that might sound. So get suggesting, re-post this, click “like” to this post for all to see. Remember, you can still win if you were part of the 1st 1000 members.

In the mean time we’ll keep you up-to-date with all the latest news and updates from our world…. HAPPY GAMING!!

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