New Marquee Artwork for Evo Arcade Machines

standard marquee artwork for the evo arcade machinemoody marquee artwork design for the evo arcade machine

Just a quick one to show you guys some of the designs we’ve done for the Evo arcade machine. We try to help clients to customize every aspect of the actual cabinet itself and we offer tons of options. One of our artists will help you to design the arcade machine of your dreams. Options at your disposal include different colour buttons and cabinets, trim, side art and marquee art to name but a few. These designs are for the marquee of the Evo. This is your choice as standard; all of these look great on a black Evo, although if you’d prefer something else we’d be happy to accomodate… anything you want to bring you HAPPY GAMING!!

hong kong marquee artwork for the evo arcade machinescloudy marquee artwork for an evo arcade machine

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