Persuade the better half...

For this week’s blog we’ll be focusing on the best tactics to persuade the better half into getting a dream home arcade machine. At the end of the day she has the power to deny you the arcade machine you crave. So here are some good pointers to make sure this never happens to you:

No longer will you have to have all your old consoles strewn about the place. Everything can now be housed within the technological marvel that is your very own arcade cabinet!

You can spend some great quality time playing some video games with the kids. Which will give Mum a quick break. Kids of all ages love retro games and Dad has a chance of winning for once!

Vent some aggression at each other via the boundaries of an arcade game. No one gets hurt and good, healthy fun can be had by all.

Your arcade machine can also double up as a Jukebox or even a Karaoke station. Your arcade machine would be the life and soul of any party. And all controls can be accessed via the joystick and arcade buttons.

A Bespoke Arcades machine can be finished in any colour or veneer. We can tailor-make your cabinet to your (or your wife’s) exacting specifications. Your arcade machine can therefore blend in with your wife’s artistic vision!

All games can be played on our machines, if your wife’s game of choice is Angry Birds- no worries, they’re all compatible with a Bespoke Arcades machine along with thousands of other titles past and present. Casual gamers can also be at home with a versatile Bespoke Arcades machine.

Use your machine as a multimedia/download station. As an extra option we can install an HDMI output so you can curl up on the sofa, start Netflix and watch a dry rom-com…

Happy wife, Happy life!

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