Pokémon Amethyst and Colbalt

Minecraft is a huge game that has thousands upon thousands of fans spanning across the globe. One of the great aspects includes users being able to create their own creative maps to share. The latest release and becoming one of the most inventive maps to date includes Pokémon Amethyst and Cobalt.

The two games promise 2 fully-fledged Pokémon games including a battling system, 136 Pokémon to catch, characters to interact with, an original storyline, soundtrack and items such as ‘fishing rod’ and ‘bike’ that plays just the same as an original Pokémon game! The main differences being the 3D, Minecraft style!

The creators of the game have announced that, in total, it took around 31 months to create to point of release and that players can expect a 60-80 hour play-through. Though this is highly anticipated in the Minecraft and Pokémon respective communities, many are worried about the long-term fate of the epic game after Nintendo shut-down the fan-made Pokémon Uranium last year after being in production for over 9 years.

With the success of Pokémon Sun and Moon, as well as Pokémon Go, the future for the highly inventive game doesn’t look overly promising for Phoenix SC and his team.

Let us know if you’ve downloaded Amethyst and Cobalt and what you think of them? Do you think Nintendo would be right to shut-down the project?

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