PlayStation VR is Sony’s contribution to the growing VR market, which currently consists of the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. What differentiates the PSVR from the others is that it runs via the PlayStation 4 rather than a very powerful computer, making it a more affordable headset to consumers.

Again, unlike the other headsets, the PSVR can stream the same, or different images to a television screen – allowing for a two player experience. An example of Games can be navigated via the PlayStation Move controllers or the PS4 DualShock 4 controller.

PlayStation’s interest in virtual reality can be traced back to the 90s with the Glasstron. The Glasstron was released in 1996 and was also a head-mounted screen that played games such as MechWarrior 2.

Upon the announcement of ‘Project Morpheus’ in 2014, the company said that it had been in development for three years and that it would be the ‘future of gaming’. To incorporate this, Sony have commented on how their Move controllers were planned for their virtual reality headset though it was not ready for release at the time.

Features of the PSVR include the social screen for two-player and interactive play, a cinematic mode which simulates a five-metre screen within a virtual space that also allows for spherical videos and pictures as well as share play.

In March 2016 it was said that over 230 developers were actively working on content with an estimated 50 titles by the end of the year. The games library includes PlayStation VR exclusive games as well as titles that are available on other VR headsets.

Before release Sony estimated that the PSVR would have slow sales to start with and steadily grow overtime, though through being the cheapest VR by at least £300 and not requiring a powerful PC this has been proved wrong. In more recent times, PC compatibility is looking very likely with the PlayStation VR heavily hinting at this.

While the future of VR gaming is exciting, we still love our gaming history and playing through our favourite retro classics on our beautiful range of Arcade Machines.

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