Star Fox 2 - A History

Star Fox 2 was originally developed for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System with a planned release for 1995. This Star Fox sequel followed Fox McCloud and his team in battle once again to defeat the evil Emperor Andross.

Unusually, the highly-anticipated game was fully completed before being cancelled. But with the release of the N64 right around the corner, the 3D polygon graphics used for the game were seen as old news for the SNES and better utilised on the new console. The team behind the sequel subsequently started work on ‘Star Fox 64’ and left Star Fox 2 for the archives.

As Star Fox 2 was cancelled post-production, we know a surprising amount about the game play in general. Marketing for the game had already began and an alpha version had even been made playable for conventions at the time. This alpha version edition has since been leaked on Super NES roms, but is considered an inferior version to the completed game by creator Dylan Cuthbert.

What we do know for certain about the game play, is that it follows the Star Fox team into battle with Emperor Andross once again – As he returns to the Lylat system in an attempt to take-over the galaxy. The mission – to beat all oncoming enemy forces.

With an innovative game play style, Star Fox 2 ditched the linear game play of its predecessor and introduced semi-real time game play. Where the player could move freely across a map of the Lylat system and would encounter enemies and missiles whilst travelling to their next destination (with game play only pausing when the player in on the map).

Introducing 2 new members to the Star Fox team, there was a total of 6 playable characters in game play. These were:

Fox McCloud
  • Leader of the Star Fox Team
  • A Fox
Falco Lombardi
  • Expert Pilot
  • A Falcon
Peppy Hare
  • Fox’s Mentor
  • A Rabbit
Slippy Toad
  • Team Technician
  • A Frog
  • New Member to the Team
  • A White Dog
  • New Member to the Team
  • A Lynx

22 years after initial release was planned, Nintendo will be dusting off the highly anticipated game for release on the Mini Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The news came as a surprise to fans and the creators of the game. Having Star Fox 2 on the mini classic console became a huge selling point for the new system – after all it has less games than the mini NES and being plagued with issues regarding actually being able to buy the system! What you can buy easily that will supply loads of fun is our custom Arcade Machines!

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