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Bespoke Arcades – Style And Substance

Bespoke Arcades, the leading provider of bespoke arcade machines, attribute much of their success to the quality of the design options that make their products popular with rock stars, sportsmen and royalty alike. Ben Georget, from Bespoke Arcades, the leading online retailer of arcade machines and arcade cabinets, supplying some of the most prestigious outlets across the UK including Harrods, said, “We take great pride in ensuring that the each component of our custom-built cabinets is of the highest quality, from the casing to the controls and the sound.

For example, we have a range of control options from Suzo-Happ, Sanwa and Seimitsu and offer aircraft grade lightweight aluminium joysticks – a must for all true gamers. We also offer a range of illuminated buttons and trackballs for a true quality gaming experience.” The cabinets themselves are available in a variety of colours and finishes from wood veneer to gold metallic and the option of a smoked pane of glass to add a certain sleekness to the cabinet is popular with many. Bespoke Arcades offer three distinct designs – Synergy, Apex and Evo.

The Synergy is a beautifully designed classic cocktail arcade machine and is regarded as the finest and most stylish sit-down cabinet available. The Evo and Apex are upright cabinets that feature high quality controls and high definition screens along with over two hundred and twenty classic arcade games.

Their hand built sleek design recalls the classic arcade games of bygone years whilst offering players for the first time the chance to enjoy their favourite console games through the cabinets. Mr Georget added, “Importantly, all our cabinets can now be made to play next generation consoles via both the screen and controls. This means that customers can now play Wii, X-Box 360 and Playstation 3 games through their bespoke cabinet.

In addition to experiencing classic arcade games in the way they were intended to be played users can now enjoy their modern console games through their bespoke system.” Bespoke Arcades hand make all of their cabinets in the UK using only new and branded parts and all the games included are fully licensed. The quality is second to none with all cabinets being fully EC and LVD certified. The custom-built arcade products are perfect for the office, home or games room and come with an extended warranty and a dedicated helpline for after-sales support.

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