Super Bowl TV Spots 2017

The Super Bowl is one of the most highly anticipated events of the year in the USA, which attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers worldwide. Sports fans are not the only avid viewers of the event, with huge productions like the half-time show being put on. (It was Lady Gaga this year and she did not let us down…). As well as these, eagle-eyed viewers wait to see which TV show, film or video games have made it to the Super Bowl TV spot…

So far, not many games have made it to the famous TV spots, with the genre being dominated by mobile gaming companies. Most gaming fans have been most excited for the new Nintendo Switch trailer that premiered in this spot.

The Switch trailer marks the first time Nintendo has promoted through the Super Bowl. Viewers got a sneak peek at the game play of highly anticipated hits such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Just Dance and Mario Kart. With many easter eggs hidden within the trailer and the extended cut it can make an exciting watch for Nintendo fans…

zelda nintendo switch super bowl
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

For its second consecutive year, Mobile Strike promoted their popular mobile game through famed actor and new USA Apprentice star – Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the ad, Arnie acts as a commander of an army, attacking the enemy and even building walls to guard from their attack. He certainly did not disappoint with his one-liners either, of which include “I’m the Party Pooper”.

A second ad a since been released, which features a fantastic scene with Arnie battling with a lift-full of people.

In fact, Evony: The King’s Return also use this tactic of using celebrity figureheads. The likes of Aaron Eckhart, Jeffery Dean Morgan and Fan Bingbing appear as leaders of their own armies running into battle.

The final mobile game ad (so far in the Super Bowl), World of Tanks uses their two TV spots to poke fun at American reality TV with the spoofs ‘Real Awful Moms’ and ‘Teensy House Buyers’. Though short, these ads are a lot of fun.

Differentiating from mobile gaming, The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind, has proved popular amongst fans on the series. The TV spot shows off the games superior graphics, rich story and game play. Though this has been criticised for being shown before the big game and having an overly-similar look to the announcement ad (below), we think Morrowind looks epic!

Out of the gaming TV spots shown so far, the Nintendo Switch appears to be reigning above the others, in terms of popularity. Exciting announcements such as Morrowind show that we can only wait to see what happens for now, as one ad could change the result of the games…

We’d love to hear what your favourite video game TV spot from this year’s Super Bowl? With all these new games on the horizon, it reminds us of where we came from playing our favourites on the classic Arcade machines. Let us know if you’ve watched the games live yourself!

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