Super Mario Odyssey - All You Need to Know

On October 27th gamers all over the world will be preparing to play the latest instalment to Nintendo’s staple series with Super Mario Odyssey. Returning to an open-world format for the first time since Super Mario Sunshine (2002), fans are eagerly awaiting to get their hands on Odyssey!

Alike many of the Super Mario games, the plot follows Mario battling through worlds to save his beloved Princess Peach from the Evil Bowser (who now has plans to marry the Princess)! However, differing from the usual plot, Mario and Cappy must also save Cappy’s sister – Tiara.

Travelling from world to world, Mario collects various objects. The main objective of the game is to collect Power Moons to power Mario’s hat-shaped ship (called Odyssey) that allows him to travel between worlds to save his Princess.

Other collectables through the game includes a variation of coins and currency that help the player purchase power-ups, accessories and outfits as well as helping Mario complete missions.

Coins play a much more predominant role in Odyssey than in previous instalments to the series. Acting as an alternative to the previous ‘lives’ system, should you happen to ‘die’ in-game, you simply lose coins instead. This idea motivating the controversial idea to scrap the ‘Game Over’ screen that appears in the majority of Mario titles.

Although the 3D, open-world aspect has been used in previous Mario games, Odyssey adds many original features to the series. Probably the most notable of these new additions is Cappy, a spirit that has inhabited Mario’s signature hat.

By throwing Cappy in the direction of non-playable characters and various objects, the player can take control of them. These can range from series characters/objects such as Goombas and Bullet Bills’ to new and exciting creatures such as a T-Rex.

Nintendo have not kept Odyssey as a ‘normal’ sandbox game, however. As a nod to the series beginnings, certain levels allow the player to play as 2D Mario to collect power moons etc. To play as 2D Mario, the player must locate the pixelated pipes to be transported usually into a wall that contains the level.

In fact, Odyssey has been widely praised so far for the amount of variety added to the game play. Collecting Power Moons can be a result of playing Volleyball, playing as 2D Mario or as a result of a boss fight.

The sheer amount of things to do and find is Odyssey is one of the selling points of the game. Adding originality and creativity to game play for a series that it often known to be very much repetitive in story and play.

Let us know if you’ve played Odyssey yet and what you think about this new direction for the Super Mario series! While you're here why not check out our range of Custom Arcade Cabinets

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